Thursday, December 29, 2005

Happy Thursday!!

Every day that brings us closer to Friday is a great day! I had a busy evening last night, preparing for the weekend up north and I got to spend a little time with some friends at Caribou in Troy. And thanks to Beth, Amby got to stay here for another day and was my hero by making the trip to TKR for those of us schmoes that had to work. She got this for me so I can get started on a test pattern for Marnie (she's on my blog list, check her out). I got it for 25% off, so who can beat that? Amby was also going thru her stash and I willingly took this off her hands for her-aren't I kind?
They are both Rowan Calmer and the lighter color is a beautiful periwinkle blue called Tinkerbell. The darker purple color is called Joy and it brings me great joy-I can't wait to knit it up!

I went to Amby's last night to pick this up and got to meet the Russell's and it gives me confirmation that ALL knitters are NOT cat owners. I was beginning to feel like the minority, since most blogs I frequent mention their various cats. I'm not opposed to cats, I just happen to be a dog owner, and was starting to question whether I could really fit into the underground world of knitting, perhaps just by being a closet "dog person". But I'm not alone, in my dog owner-ness, so I can hold my head up high and proudly proclaim that I own a dog, and not a cat. No offense to you cat lovers, I'm just saying is all.

I am making progress on my second sister's (as in other sister's) fuzzyfeet, and here's where I'm at with those:

I picked up stitches and started the gusset last night after Caribou-maybe that's why I slept thru my alarm AGAIN this morning??!!

I probably won't post again till next year (har har) so Happy New Year to everyone and hopefully 2006 brings you all your wishes and dreams.

Peace out!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Another day....

It's amazing what a 5 1/2 hour nap will do for you. I went home yesterday and fell asleep about 6:30 and woke up about midnight. Boy, that felt awesome! I stayed up for about 2 hours knitting on my second fuzzyfeet slipper (for my sister) and watched a scary movie. Duh-no wonder I kept waking up all night, or was it cuz I'd taken such a long nap? Sometimes I'm not so bright.

I still have completed gift photos to post, but without the camera that can be tricky. I'll have to get it back from my SO and post 'em when I can.

My daughter has been nagging me for my blog address, so I gave it to her today, to help combat her boredness at her dad's. Momma loves you, hope you enjoy this! We can't wait till this weekend, cuz we're spending New Year's up north--fun fun!!

Have a great day all!

Monday, December 26, 2005


Every year, it feels the same way after the holidays. I'm glad it's over. Isn't that terrible? Have I totally lost the meaning of the holiday, that I'm glad it's over? Now comes the disappointment, the dejected feeling. Did I make EVERYONE happy? Is my daughter deprived or did I show her enough how much I love her? Can she really see by getting her this gift or that gift that she is my world? Or is it just stuff to fill up her room? Maybe I'll never know. But at least, the rush is over. That knot in my chest should start to loosen, lessen, and eventually go away. I have a few gifts left to finish, but the stress of that seems very insignificant. I actually allowed myself to relax a bit on Friday, facing the realization that a few gifts were just not going to be finished in time, and allowed myself to enjoy my day off with my daughter. I wrapped all the gifts I needed to on Friday, and was pleased with myself for not having to leave the house until it was time for my family party. Saturday and Sunday were not as smooth. The morning was fine, my daughter (KDF-I choose not to post her name, there's creeps in this world) opened her gifts and seemed happy by all of them. But then on to the rush of other's houses, and KDF going with her dad to celebrate with his family. And getting up Sunday morning and basically doing it all over again with my fiance and his son. Again, did I do enough? Were they happy? I don't think so. And by the afternoon, I just ran out of steam. I had done enough, thought enough, planned enough and I couldn't do any more. I was all out. So, no salad for the dinner we were going to last night. No stores were open, and I arrived at my destination empty handed. What a let down. We stayed late, and I have to work today. Emotionally, I'm spent. I curled up on my couch last night wishing I could just stay there, for a day at the very least. But here I am at work today. No couch.
Now I have the joy of returning gifts that don't fit, exchanging gifts and the like. I'm thinking that can wait till tomorrow. The mood I'm in today, probably doesn't bode well for a trip to the mall, and for everyone else's sake, I'll just go home and be in my foul mood by myself-alone. It's for the best-really.
On a happier note-I did talk to KDF this morning and she sounds happy. That's good at least, knowing that she's ok, and I can go about my day without worrying about her-much.
Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Ok, I'm officially nervous......

I went to Caribou last night, and got more accomplished on my grandma's scarf and worked on the fuzzyfeet when I got home last night, until I fell asleep. I got up this morning and did a few more rows on the scarf, but I'm really nervous now that things will not be finished in time. For tomorrow I need two pairs of fuzzyfeet finished, one Sophie bag that needs grommets and a magnetic closure, a scarf that needs to be finished, blocked and dry, a booga bag that needs a magnetic closure, and another booga that needs to be assembled, felted and detailed. If I weren't working and didn't have errands to run tonight, that might happen. But I'm guessing, some of that will not get finished. Luckily I don't have to work tomorrow, but felting-blocking-drying doesn't happen all in the same day as gift giving.

Not to mention, my daughter and I celebrate Christmas Day on Christmas Eve morning, since she goes to her dad's Christmas Eve night. So, that means all of "Santa's" gifts have to be wrapped by tomorrow night, and I'm going to be with my family tomorrow night. I'm guessing I'm gonna be one tired puppy by Saturday night, and then we do it all over again for my fiance's son for Christmas Day! Hell, just pass the eggnog now and call it a day!!

I got to work this morning and my December Sampler pack was waiting for me on my desk. I can't wait to take pics and show everyone the neat goodies inside. I got some great ideas from it, and the old brain gears are clicking along. I'll take it to the next Knit Detroit meetup if anyone else wants to drool over it's contents.

Also on my desk when I came in this morning was this gift from a girl I work with. She said she saw it and thought of me! I couldn't wait until January 1 to open it, since it's a calendar, so I opened it and peeked ahead and love love love it!! Take a look Knitting Pattern-a Day 2006 Calendar.

Here's a couple of updates:

It's growing, one skein down and 3/4 left on the second, then off to blocking we go.

And then, thanks to Amby and her wonder winder, and me as the incompetent human swift I brought home this glorious sight. The rest of my Cascade 220 is waiting for it's final destination.

And finally, here's the progress on my mom's booga,
which I think will be an "after Christmas is over" gift.

This will most likely be my last post till next week, so to be completely unpolitically correct MERRY CHRISTMAS to all, cuz I'm not ashamed of my upbringing, and if anyone's offended, y'all can kiss my grinch!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sure, I can shop AND knit at the same time.....NOT!

Okey dokey y'all, I have taken a gazillion (that's alot) of pics of WIP's, yarn for future projects (for ME!!) and the like so I hope you enjoy!

First of all here are the socks I'm making for my SO that will most definitely NOT be finished by Christmas. But lucky for him, I'll take them up north next week and work on them then. They are made with the yummiest sock yarn and I'll have to splurge on some more for me after the holidays!

Next, I have pics of the Cascade 220 that I was cocky enough to purchase without realizing that um, duh, I have to wind these into useable skeins.

Well, I hand wound the first 2 skeins and decided that blows big time, so my friend Amby has graciously offered the use of her swift and winder and we will attempt some human swifting tonight at Caribou. I'll take pictures, I promise.

Here is the first pair of fuzzyfeet, not felted yet along with the skein of Noro they came from. Can't wait to shrink 'em.

Here's the drop stitch scarf I'm making for my grandma, and it's out of the softest, prettiest blue alpaca and acrylic. I'm definitely going to have to get more and make myself a hat out of this!

And finally here is some really cool yarn called "Touch Me" and believe you me, that's all you'll want to do with it. It's a gorgeous purple color and I'm saving it to try the i-cord gloves that I stumbled upon recently. I can't wait to get started on them.....maybe up north.

He he, I must clarify that I'm only going up north for 3 or 4 days, tops, but the way I'm going you'd think I was going for a month with the list of projects to "finish". Watch, I'll drink and sleep the whole time and no knitting will have occured.

I'll post more tomorrow, I've had enough, and it's making me even more nervous thinking whether or not I'll get everything finished.

Hey Amby, send me those knitting elves if you're finished with them!!

Happy knitting to all and to all a good.......cocktail?!

Monday, December 19, 2005

How many days left?

Holey schmoley, it's coming really fast now people! I cannot believe how close the holiday is. I know it's bad when I start categorizing gifts by "ones to be delivered FOR the holiday" and "ones that can get sneaked in AFTER the holiday" but still be considered Christmas presents. I did finish my step-dad's hat, blocked it and it has dried perfectly and is ready to be wrapped. I finished knitting one pair of Fuzzyfeet and they are waiting to be felted, but I think I'll cast on for the second pair and wash them both at the same time. But, I only have the bottom of a booga bag started for my mom, and 3 rows of knitting completed for a drop stitch scarf for my grandma that I "borrowed" from Laurie. Hopefully I'll zoom thru that in no time.

I think I'm finally gettin the hang of blogging and posting FO's, so look out. I'm going home tonight and snapping my little heart out!!

Thursday, December 08, 2005


I was actually, literally rendered speechless yesterday. I came to work, the CPA was here for our quarterly review, which always translates into a VERY fun day for me and in the midst of all the commotion, my boss walks in and lays a book down on my desk. "Here" he says, "I thought you might be interested in this". And walked away. The book was Designer Knitting with Kitty Bartholomew . Holy crap and shut my mouth. I have mentioned knitting to him, but by no means have I had lengthy discussions about my interest in it. I don't think I've even shown him any completed projects, but he has seen me walking out of work with boxes of yarn from Joann's. He jokes about "all my spare time" to be crafty. Needless to say, I was completely impressed with his awareness, AND not to mention that he actually purchased the book for me. He said she's from his home town or something and saw her at a book signing. He quickly said there was NO way he was standing in line with all of THOSE women, to get my book signed. I think he thought they were a little too scary to barge in on. I'll live with it as it is. How cool is that?

On another note, what's the point of Joann's carrying knitting stuff if they are ALWAYS out of stock on the exact thing I need. I went to two different stores within 2 days looking for size 3 circs, and both stores were out of that size ONLY!! ARGGHHH!! I went online today and ordered it that way with my free shipping code, but still.....I'm an instant gratification kinda girl.....who wants to wait 7-10 business days to get creative? I realize that I wouldn't have this problem were I ordering Addi's, and I do love them better, but this chick is on a budget, so I'd rather deal with the less appealing needles, and drool over the nicer yarns for my FO's.

As far as knitting, unfortunately I've been slacking a bit. I've only knitted a few more rows on my SD's hat, but I did cast on for my SO's second sock. I only have about 1-1/2" of ribbing done on the first, but the idea is to catch up the second and knit them both at the same time. I keep swirling it around in my head (ain't nothing else up there lately) and I really think I can move them together and knit from separate skeins.

I'm done with my aerobics class till January (I attempt to teach) so I'm happy for the 5 weeks off to concentrate on the rest of my life...which lately equates to knitting, or thinking about knitting, or thinking about how much I'm NOT knitting....pretty sad. It used to be I'd get mad at myself for walking into the grocery store for a gallon of milk and walk out a hundred bucks lighter. Now I can't go into a yarn store without the same reaction. Case in point: I walked into HYAW
last Saturday to pick up A skein of yarn to finish my SO's hat, and walked out about 60 dollars lighter. Hello? Do I have no restraint?

Well at least tonight I'll get two hours of uninterrupted knitting at my daughter's gymnastics class. Whoo hoo!! It's the little things in life that keep us sane, I mean going!

Take care!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

And another one gone....

Another hat bites the dust. I have completed the second hat for my man, and he's hopefully wearing it today since it's a bit frosty outside (he works outdoors). He's a manly man, but sometimes even HIS ears get cold. So today, he's stylish and warm. I love love love Noro's Silk Garden, and am off and running on my step-dad's hat for Christmas.

I knitted the bottom for my next booga bag on the knitting machine, and now it's resting. As if it's tired or something. And, will it tell me when it's ok to work with it or do I just have to get firm with it? I'm leaving the end stitches live so I can try a 3 needle bind off to attach the body of the bag to the bottom. I'm hoping to do the body part tonight, and then of course it has to rest again, so maybe by next Thursday it will allow me the honor of finishing it. We'll see.

I went to my new friend Amby's on Sunday and she showed me the magic of doing socks on two circulars. I whipped thru the first inch of ribbing while still at her house and after much agonizing I have decided that it will be ok to continue them on the size 2 circs I started with. I was thinking I needed to switch to 3's, to make them a little looser, but after pulling on them a bit, I think the 2's will do nicely, and I'll be switching to stockinette so the whole leg won't be ribbed. These are also for my man, and to ease his mind that I won't steal these socks from him (he claims all his black socks somehow end up at my house-I tell him, it's called the laundry room, walk down there, you'll be amazed what you find!) I'm going to duplicate stitch his freaking initials at the top of each. Problem solved, prove that I stole them now! I'm still toying with the idea that I'll cast on for the second sock and catch it up to the point of the first and figure out how to knit them both at the same all my spare time that is.

I gave my sisters their choice of booga's or slippers, and they both chose slippers, so I'll be off and running on from Knitty.

I have to stop looking at the calendar and just try to make myself stay awake longer at night to get the knitting done (uh oh, when I was typing night it started to come out knite----on the brain much?).

Someday I'll have our digital camera back in my possession so I can post pics of completed items, but as it stands right now, I've given him both hats and have no picture to show for it.

Oh, BTW, for Amby, I started that book the other night, and read from 2-4am this morning, when I couldn't go back to sleep. It's Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, and so far I'm getting sucked right into it. Eh, who needs sleep, right? We can sleep forever when we're dead! Stay awake now for all the good stuff!

Have a great day all!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Machine Knitting

Well, still no pics, but I have successfully completed my first machine knit project! I did the rolled edge child's hat from the pattern book, seamed it up, and it's pretty dang cute. That of course made my brain spin extra hard all night about how I can modify/improve and just basically alter that pattern, since I'm never content to follow a pattern more than once. From cooking to sewing and now to knitting I have never liked following someone elses rules-once for a guideline and then I'm off and running after that.

I've been getting some tips from Marnie Maclean, a designer in CA, and I'm anxious to put some of her suggestions to the test. It should be a busy weekend. I have a link to her blog on the sidebar, be sure to check out her designs. She's got some awesome pieces, and I discovered her on Knitty Gritty.

Take care!

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