Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sure, I can shop AND knit at the same time.....NOT!

Okey dokey y'all, I have taken a gazillion (that's alot) of pics of WIP's, yarn for future projects (for ME!!) and the like so I hope you enjoy!

First of all here are the socks I'm making for my SO that will most definitely NOT be finished by Christmas. But lucky for him, I'll take them up north next week and work on them then. They are made with the yummiest sock yarn and I'll have to splurge on some more for me after the holidays!

Next, I have pics of the Cascade 220 that I was cocky enough to purchase without realizing that um, duh, I have to wind these into useable skeins.

Well, I hand wound the first 2 skeins and decided that blows big time, so my friend Amby has graciously offered the use of her swift and winder and we will attempt some human swifting tonight at Caribou. I'll take pictures, I promise.

Here is the first pair of fuzzyfeet, not felted yet along with the skein of Noro they came from. Can't wait to shrink 'em.

Here's the drop stitch scarf I'm making for my grandma, and it's out of the softest, prettiest blue alpaca and acrylic. I'm definitely going to have to get more and make myself a hat out of this!

And finally here is some really cool yarn called "Touch Me" and believe you me, that's all you'll want to do with it. It's a gorgeous purple color and I'm saving it to try the i-cord gloves that I stumbled upon recently. I can't wait to get started on them.....maybe up north.

He he, I must clarify that I'm only going up north for 3 or 4 days, tops, but the way I'm going you'd think I was going for a month with the list of projects to "finish". Watch, I'll drink and sleep the whole time and no knitting will have occured.

I'll post more tomorrow, I've had enough, and it's making me even more nervous thinking whether or not I'll get everything finished.

Hey Amby, send me those knitting elves if you're finished with them!!

Happy knitting to all and to all a good.......cocktail?!

It's all looking good ... can't wait to see the "touch me" yarn tonight!
Sorry Kirsti, I didn't pack it in my bag, I'll have to show it to you another time. So sorry! See you tonight!
LOL, I'm going to set some Have-a-Heart traps so I can catch those little knitting elves and keep them around all year. You can adopt one and name it Martini! See you tonight!
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