Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy First Day of Summer!

On this gray, cloudy, storm-brewing day, go figure. Aw, I can't complain, we've had beautiful weather, many many days in a row, and I guess a little rain is good for the grass and stuff. And now, since I have a riding lawn mower, thanks to my brilliant SO for fixing the one he bought for me last year, I don't even mind if the grass grows a little. I went from 5 hours of weekly maintenance to about an hour and a half, just like that! I'll take it!

I'm here, I've been knitting, I've been spinning, and I've been working my butt off like a madwoman. School is done, school year activities are finished, and I even turned down an aerobics gig for the summer, to really try to relax and slow down from the normal rush rush of kids, school and work.

I said I've been knitting, but of course I have no proof, since I haven't thought to take pictures of any of it recently. WIP's include 70% completion of Corset T from Annie Modessitt (I think I spelled her name wrong, too lazy to check-sorry Annie), and about 40% completion of a cotton cabled tank. The cotton is cotton ease, and it's a beautiful shade of robin egg-ish blue and the cable is really pretty, but holy crap it's taking freakin forever to finish. Tempting, with all it's ribbing was a much faster knit by far. I have a couple of random socks going too, but have really been focusing on the tank, since it's warm enough to wear now. One of these days I'll get smart and start this crap in April, so come June, I can WEAR it and not just be working on it.

I've been spinning some gorgeous Autumn color wool I bought at the fiber festival from May, and I'm loving the colors! I've filled up one bobbin and need to put an empty one on Miss Ashley, and get thru the rest of it. I can't wait to see it plied, it's going to be really gorgeous. At least my spinning is more on schedule, since this will be yarn in time for fall, and it has lovely shades of green, orange, brown, and will represent fall knitting beautifully.

Another shout out to Susie of ToKnitPerchance, she sent me another package of gorgeous sock yarn, my daughter cast on for her pair last night at knitting group, and I'm excited to see the colors develop as she knits. I'm trying to talk my daughter into making me a pair too, since we got 2 skeins of the same color, but we're still in negotiations for that.

Not much else going on here (that's so far from the truth, it's ridiculous-but nothing really blog-worthy so I'll spare you the drama).

I hope to check back in a little more frequently (sorry Kelli), I miss hearing from everyone, and if I don't post, I figured out I don't get comments (duh!).

Have a great day!

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