Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all who celebrate! I'll be hiding in the woods, coloring eggs, lounging in front of the fireplace, and knitting too!

Don't eat too many peeps!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is it soup yet?

I have been somewhat persuaded to enjoy the snow season in Michigan by my SO. I used to strongly protest all things snowy, icy and cold. But over the last several years I have adjusted and decided if I couldn't beat em join em. So I have been skiing and more recently snowmobiling. It's great fun, once I get over the initial terror of things like ski lifts, and tree crashing. With that said, enough already. I've had my fill of snow, ice and freezing cold temps. I'm ready for spring. Is anyone listening??!!

I think because of the weather, and because I've been gone so much lately, I've gotten into a little bit of a funk. I'm tired, unfocused and because of that when I sit down to knit or spin, I just kinda stare at it and then crash in front of my tv. Not cool. I'm planning to stay in town this weekend, although I'll be out and about, so I'm hoping I'll recharge my battery a little by allowing myself to sleep in, in my own bed and not feel like I'm constantly late for something.

I'm still working on the test knitting I'm doing and it seems to be taking me forever, especially since I haven't been working on it very much. I started another pair of Shaq slippers for my up north neighbor, and I have one knit and am starting the second. I picked up some plasti-dip from the hardware store and have about 3 coats on the bottom of MY slippers and will check it out tonight and see if that makes them non-skid. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I have several projects lined up for the knitting machine, but again that requires me to actually sit in front of it, to accomplish anything. I'm hoping this will be the weekend for some of that.

If anyone is still out there, thanks for checking in and I hope to have some real knitting progress soon!

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