Monday, December 19, 2005

How many days left?

Holey schmoley, it's coming really fast now people! I cannot believe how close the holiday is. I know it's bad when I start categorizing gifts by "ones to be delivered FOR the holiday" and "ones that can get sneaked in AFTER the holiday" but still be considered Christmas presents. I did finish my step-dad's hat, blocked it and it has dried perfectly and is ready to be wrapped. I finished knitting one pair of Fuzzyfeet and they are waiting to be felted, but I think I'll cast on for the second pair and wash them both at the same time. But, I only have the bottom of a booga bag started for my mom, and 3 rows of knitting completed for a drop stitch scarf for my grandma that I "borrowed" from Laurie. Hopefully I'll zoom thru that in no time.

I think I'm finally gettin the hang of blogging and posting FO's, so look out. I'm going home tonight and snapping my little heart out!!

You'll be fine. Just forget about sleeping, shopping, eating or anything else between now and Sunday. I've got 1 1/2 hats and 2 pairs of fuzzyfeet to do. See you Wednesday?
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