Thursday, December 29, 2005

Happy Thursday!!

Every day that brings us closer to Friday is a great day! I had a busy evening last night, preparing for the weekend up north and I got to spend a little time with some friends at Caribou in Troy. And thanks to Beth, Amby got to stay here for another day and was my hero by making the trip to TKR for those of us schmoes that had to work. She got this for me so I can get started on a test pattern for Marnie (she's on my blog list, check her out). I got it for 25% off, so who can beat that? Amby was also going thru her stash and I willingly took this off her hands for her-aren't I kind?
They are both Rowan Calmer and the lighter color is a beautiful periwinkle blue called Tinkerbell. The darker purple color is called Joy and it brings me great joy-I can't wait to knit it up!

I went to Amby's last night to pick this up and got to meet the Russell's and it gives me confirmation that ALL knitters are NOT cat owners. I was beginning to feel like the minority, since most blogs I frequent mention their various cats. I'm not opposed to cats, I just happen to be a dog owner, and was starting to question whether I could really fit into the underground world of knitting, perhaps just by being a closet "dog person". But I'm not alone, in my dog owner-ness, so I can hold my head up high and proudly proclaim that I own a dog, and not a cat. No offense to you cat lovers, I'm just saying is all.

I am making progress on my second sister's (as in other sister's) fuzzyfeet, and here's where I'm at with those:

I picked up stitches and started the gusset last night after Caribou-maybe that's why I slept thru my alarm AGAIN this morning??!!

I probably won't post again till next year (har har) so Happy New Year to everyone and hopefully 2006 brings you all your wishes and dreams.

Peace out!

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