Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Another day....

It's amazing what a 5 1/2 hour nap will do for you. I went home yesterday and fell asleep about 6:30 and woke up about midnight. Boy, that felt awesome! I stayed up for about 2 hours knitting on my second fuzzyfeet slipper (for my sister) and watched a scary movie. Duh-no wonder I kept waking up all night, or was it cuz I'd taken such a long nap? Sometimes I'm not so bright.

I still have completed gift photos to post, but without the camera that can be tricky. I'll have to get it back from my SO and post 'em when I can.

My daughter has been nagging me for my blog address, so I gave it to her today, to help combat her boredness at her dad's. Momma loves you, hope you enjoy this! We can't wait till this weekend, cuz we're spending New Year's up north--fun fun!!

Have a great day all!

Yay for naps and finished fuzzyfeet. will look forward to the photos.
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