Tuesday, December 06, 2005

And another one gone....

Another hat bites the dust. I have completed the second hat for my man, and he's hopefully wearing it today since it's a bit frosty outside (he works outdoors). He's a manly man, but sometimes even HIS ears get cold. So today, he's stylish and warm. I love love love Noro's Silk Garden, and am off and running on my step-dad's hat for Christmas.

I knitted the bottom for my next booga bag on the knitting machine, and now it's resting. As if it's tired or something. And, will it tell me when it's ok to work with it or do I just have to get firm with it? I'm leaving the end stitches live so I can try a 3 needle bind off to attach the body of the bag to the bottom. I'm hoping to do the body part tonight, and then of course it has to rest again, so maybe by next Thursday it will allow me the honor of finishing it. We'll see.

I went to my new friend Amby's on Sunday and she showed me the magic of doing socks on two circulars. I whipped thru the first inch of ribbing while still at her house and after much agonizing I have decided that it will be ok to continue them on the size 2 circs I started with. I was thinking I needed to switch to 3's, to make them a little looser, but after pulling on them a bit, I think the 2's will do nicely, and I'll be switching to stockinette so the whole leg won't be ribbed. These are also for my man, and to ease his mind that I won't steal these socks from him (he claims all his black socks somehow end up at my house-I tell him, it's called the laundry room, walk down there, you'll be amazed what you find!) I'm going to duplicate stitch his freaking initials at the top of each. Problem solved, prove that I stole them now! I'm still toying with the idea that I'll cast on for the second sock and catch it up to the point of the first and figure out how to knit them both at the same time.....in all my spare time that is.

I gave my sisters their choice of booga's or slippers, and they both chose slippers, so I'll be off and running on http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter02/PATTfuzzyfeet.html from Knitty.

I have to stop looking at the calendar and just try to make myself stay awake longer at night to get the knitting done (uh oh, when I was typing night it started to come out knite----on the brain much?).

Someday I'll have our digital camera back in my possession so I can post pics of completed items, but as it stands right now, I've given him both hats and have no picture to show for it.

Oh, BTW, for Amby, I started that book the other night, and read from 2-4am this morning, when I couldn't go back to sleep. It's Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, and so far I'm getting sucked right into it. Eh, who needs sleep, right? We can sleep forever when we're dead! Stay awake now for all the good stuff!

Have a great day all!

Hey Dana - it's Penda - just wanted to let you know that You comment was approved and replied to at the diner.
I'm glad you like the book! It's definitely a fascinating read, I think I finished in a weekend. I'll get The Da Vinci Code back from my dad ASAP so you can read that one too if you like. I get the feeling your machine Booga will come out a lot better than my lumpy one (it's STILL blocking only because I don't want to see how much uglier it'll get after I take it off the shoebox). Anyhoo, glad to hear the socks are coming along great. I'll see you at some point this week!!!
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