Thursday, January 31, 2008

I love Michigan!

I keep saying this over and over. What's not to love? 7 degrees one day, 40 the next. I can't figure out why everyone keeps getting sick!! I {knocking on wood} keep a full bottle of Zicam at the ready for whenever I encounter someone with sniffles, sneezing, coughing or if they just look germ-y. I even discovered that Meijer is cheaper than the drug store or Kroger, so I'm in Zicam heaven. Faced with the potential of 6-10 inches overnight, I'm partly excited and partly bummed, since I may still have to make the trek to the West side in the a.m. to get DD to school. Please pray that we get all 6-10 before 6:30 a.m.. Kay?

I am the proud owner of an Ashford Traditional wheel. Oh, does this sound like deja vu? Let me correct that. I am the proud owner of TWO Ashford Traditional wheels! Whoo hoo!! I love craigslist, and my pal Miranda, she's the bestest enabler I've ever known. She found the listing but couldn't swing it, so I snapped it up in a New York minute (that means super fast!). And let me tell you, the seller, Mary is totally awesome. She was great on the phone, super nice in person and I got an excellent deal. Turns out she travels up north quite a bit (sounds familiar) and needed a portable wheel, so her hubby bought her a Schacht Ladybug. Very cute in person I may add (the wheel, didn't see the hubby). And so she was faced with the dilemma of having to divide her time between two wheels, shun one as it sits lifeless and fiberless in the corner, or sell it for a great price to ME!! Guess which one she chose? She also spoke very highly of Beth at the Spinning Loft in Howell so this is yet another reason I need to make the trip out to her store.

Of course it would be selfish of me to claim BOTH wheels for my own, since my daughter does spin and knit, so I'm selflessly giving the second one over to her, so she'll quit trying to kick me off MINE!!

In spite of the deep freeze I have managed to get a few things done. I finished another thicker hat for SO, since he's lucky enough to work outdoors in these frigid temps. Of course the day I gave it to him, we warmed up to 30's and 40's. Go figure. I need to ask him if he's worn it yet. He HAS been wearing the cowboy style safety hat I got him for Christmas. He loves being a spectacle and he's been getting lots of comments and attention for his safety gear. Hey, whatever gets him to protect that noggin I say. Kinda like it to stay in one piece. Better for pictures and hat wearin and all.

I bought some yummy new yarn from Artisan's in Grosse Pointe recently and promptly casted on for another pair of socks for me. Of course I bought 2 skeins, one for me and one for SO. As long as there is constantly something being made for him, he gives me less grief about my obsession. I need to cast his on but have to decide on a pattern first. Any faves for your men?

I'm also stash diving to test out a simple (I hope) fair isle hat pattern by a guy on Ravelry. I've wanted to try fair isle and this hat spoke to me, especially when I remembered I might have the perfect yarn in my stash. I hope to cast on for this hat this weekend, while we're again up north attempting to play in the snow. We've had a terrible spot of luck with our snowmobiles and poor SO deserves a tiny break. As in, maybe the sleds could STOP breaking for a couple of days so he can actually play with the snow that's up there. Before we know it, it will be mud season, and not good for snowmobiles. We'll see.

Anyway, that's about it for now. Get your shovels ready, drive carefully and remember, winter is very short but some of us still like to play in it!

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