Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm still here..

I can't believe how fast this month is flying by! I'm still around, just slammed from every direction it seems. I have my new laptop working, I just haven't had much time to play with it. I've been knitting, but haven't taken any new pictures recently. I'll try to be better, I promise. I'm currently working on another pair of Boot Socks, for my SO, the Touch Me gloves for a friend (but the notes from my first pair are up north, so I'll have to wing it-yikes!) and I just cast on for a pair of socks for ME in the Lorna's Shepherd sock yarn, which I absolutely love. I'll post details for that pattern and some pics very soon!

Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day and I also hope you got some shopping done, if that's what you're into.

Take care!

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Can't wait to see your new projects!
Pictures, pictures, pictures.
Yeah... Where are your pictures? ;-) Try to love me.
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