Monday, October 22, 2007

You woke me up for this?

I think, if I ever believed in reincarnation I'd like to come back as a dog. They have such a pampered life. Sleep all day, no real requirements of them, and do something little like sit or lay down and you get a pat on the head. How rough could that be? This is Marvin's life, most of the time.

We got to spend another beautiful weekend up north. I'm not really feeling better but the SO had promised to take the kids riding and I didn't want to stay home by myself so I went along and slept till 12:30 on Saturday and basically lazed around all day. I spun, I knitted, and did very little else.

This is the view out our front door.
Horrible isn't it?

This is the driveway off to the right.
And I looked up until it made me too dizzy

Couldn't help myself though, Crayola doesn't make a blue that pretty!!

I started spinning some fiber that Miranda gifted me, it's really pretty with a little bit of sparkle in it. It's some kind of eclectic mix of who.knows.what, but who cares, it's really pretty to look at don't you think?

Oh, and for those that are interested the boot socks fit my mechanic friend "like they were made for me", umm yeah duh!, so I just need to finish the toes, wash 'em and send them on their merry way. I love when I guess right!
Hey Marvin, can you say hello? He's not amused. I interrupted nap time.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Talk to you again soon.

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*sigh* Yes.... I do wish I went up with ya.... Get that smirk off yer face... ;-)
I'm glad you're enjoying that batt! It's spinning up really pretty. From that picture I think it's a blend of mohair, brown sheep mill ends, sparkle, and targhee.
Looks incredibly relaxing, I could use some of that these days.
Marvin how precious he is, give him a pat for me.
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