Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I always knew I had a screw loose...

So, this will be a non-knitting post. Sorry about that. I went to the ENT yesterday, and finally figured out what the heck is wrong with my head. I have BPPV, and there is no medicine to treat it. Simply a repositioning done by the doctor, crazy sleeping positions for me for 48 hours and a few exercises, and then a follow up test in 2 weeks, and hopefully I'm all better. Sometimes the repositioning needs to be done again, in severe cases, but we'll see in a few days. So for now, I'm on the down low. No aerobics, no crazy head movements, but at least knitting and spinning are not banned from my activities. Phew!! There would have been HELL to pay for that I tell ya!

I always knew I had a screw loose, but displaced crystals? Who'd a thunk it?!! Take care not to hit your head, that's what caused mine.

Have a great, non-dizzy day! I'll try to do the same.


One of our PT's at work treats this, very interesting from a clinical view point not so interesting if you have it. I hear it's pretty miserable. The positioning treatments do work.
Good luck! I hope the sleep treatments work.
Hope you're all better soon!!
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