Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wow, 7-11, Where has the time gone?

Ok, I want to update my blog more frequently, but given the crackdown of personal computer time at the prison, I mean my job, time is limited. Of course I don't have a computer at home, I'm on one all day. No computer, no phone, no way!!

I've been knitting. I've had a birthday. Oh yeah, and the lawn mower is broken again. Such is my life. I'm clearly not meant for yard work.

I'm almost finished with the Corset T. I'm experimenting with incorporating the detail from the neckline to the bottom of the corset, to spice it up a bit. It will involve kitchener-ing the whole thing together, so wish me luck-it's 199 stitches. But, if I pull it off, I think it will look really cool, and Annie will appreciate the deviation from her pattern. I can never just do it the "right" way, gotta add my touch to it.

The cable tank is on hold, since it requires size 5's which are currently in use on the corset t. I got tired of switching back and forth, and the corset t is a little fun-ner to work on at the moment. The cotton ease for the tank is ok, but with the cables it seems to take forever.

Sorry for my absence, but the boss-man thinks I should WORK the whole time I'm here, and we're having issues with his idea vs. mine. He can pay his nephew to be an absolute idiot, and a burden to everyone, but if I take a few mental/computer breaks thru-out my day, ALERT THE MEDIA-we have a slacker! Whatever.

Miss you guys, I'll try to do better. Oh yeah, and I'll try to take some pictures one of these days....

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Call Live Stock Lawn Service. They are enviromentally sound and they fertilize too. ;-)
Wow, um, post much?

And I second Amanda's comment.
Nah, just get a sheep or a goat and they can 1) eat the grass and 2) provide fiber!
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