Thursday, July 12, 2007


I still have possession of the camera, so I managed to snap a few photos this morning. I took some pics of some super cool birthday presents I got so here they are.

First of all, my SO picked up on my very obvious hints the last time we were shopping for motorcross gear for his son and he decided a Fox Racing knittingbag was the only acceptable way for me to carry my knitting to and fro.
And of course, the hints I had really dropped was on the everyday purse, since I don't own a white purse and I thought it was really cute so he also got me this:
Oh honey, what a surprise!! lol

And check this out.
Uh, no, I didn't get socks as a present. I got these: Fancy-shmancy sock blockers. No more wire hangers!!! And for my regular sushi fixes I got this:

Amby got me the super-duper sock blockers and Amanda gave me the gorgeously perfect sushi set for 2!! You two are awesome, thanks soooo much!!

I got money from the in-laws and money from my parents, music from the kids and my sister got me a super cute card and lip gloss that goes perfectly with my tan!! Color me happy, this was a great birthday!
And, look what else I've been doing:

NOT killing my flowers or tomato plants! Who knew? Fresh salsa anyone?
I meant to take pics of my WIPs but oh yeah, I forgot. Sorry guys!
Have a great weekend, I'll be up at the lake working on my tan!!


Everything looks very cool! I have never blocked socks... but your know my aversion to blocking. :p
Wonderful! Hope your birthday was very happy, Dana!
Looks like you raked in!
Happy BD!!!
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