Thursday, July 19, 2007

Almost Friday..

Corset T? Cabled Tank top? Not so much.

Diamond Fantasy Shawl?
Yeah baby!! Can't find the camera at the moment, so this is all you get. Colors are not even close really, but I slid the blocking wires in for a quick peak at the shape, and here you go. I'm really enjoying the pattern. 6 repeats make the "scarf" which is perfect for the malabrigio yardage, and blocking severely per the instructions should wield a big enough shawl for my liking. Hopefully I'll get some serious quiet time this weekend and can knock this baby out. Wish me luck!


That photo is just enough of a tease to make me really want to see a good photo of Diamond Fantasy! C'mon, Dana. Give us a good picture!
Quiet Time!! I'll come over and ruin that.... "who's on the trampoline?" Your shawl is awesome. I love lace. It's amazing what designs can be created with just a loop of the yarn.
Pretty pretty! I have 800 yards of lace weight that I am just dying to find a pattern for.
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