Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Two in a row?

Ok Kelli, hold on to your socks. Two posts in two days? Amazing!

First of all, hi to everyone that commented. It's so nice to come to work in the morning and see hello's from all my new friends!! It brightens up this otherwise gloomy weather day.

Hi Pat, thanks again for the compliment on Tempting. If you check out my FO page, and scroll down to the February 23 entry, you can see all the details for this sweater.

Hi Teyla, it was great meeting you too! Actually, as I told everyone when I was handing out the name tags, it was completely self-serving. I'm incredibly nosey, and I just couldn't stand the thought of attending another big YH event without knowing who blogs, who doesn't, who I read, and who I may be missing out on! But if you all think I did it for you, then major bonus!! And yes Karen, it falls into the OCD category just a little bit. Which reminds me of one particular blogger that I photographed. Her blog name is Indecisive Knitter, and while this fits my personality as well, the thing that comes to mind is that as she was writing her name tag, she asked me for a second one, since apparently she didn't like how she wrote the first one!
Totally perfect!

Hi Kathy from Colorado, your socks look fabulous! I can't wait to get my toe up's right so I can enjoy the colorway as well. Hey Sue, uh yeah, I'm not sure if it's an OCD thing, or just my inability to short row, but the toe ups aren't looking so good, so no classes have been scheduled at this time. But hopefully in the near future.

I need to give Amby the proper credit, because she actually came up with the phrase "get your dork on", and she graciously allowed me to throw it around like I invented it. Thanks!

Hi Beth, thanks for allowing me to photograph your chest. I will be sure to include your blog in the list, as soon as I can get it together.

It was so funny to see everyone's expression change as soon as I whipped my camera out to photograph their name tags, and I let them adjust themselves, their hair, their smile and then AFTER I snapped the picture I pointed out that I wasn't really aiming on their face.

But thanks for smiling at me anyway ladies!!

And yes, Kristi, I'm definitely up for a summer blogger reunion. Maybe to Threadbear?? Keep me posted!

I'm so sorry you missed it Amy, I really hope you're feeling better!

Hey Miranda, go ahead and make dork-page part of your vocabulary. That's what knitters do, we come up with great ideas and pass them around for our friends to share!

Don't worry Tracey, you weren't in the way at all, great hoodie! And for the record I found these in my files as well:
Lookin good!
That's all I have for now, have a great day!

Hey, that's my boob!

I'm glad those Audrey stitches and seams were nice and even too, otherwise I'd be very embarassed right now.
It was great to meet you too! And the sweater was beautiful! Was the top knitted or crochet?
Thanks for bringing the name tags! Great idea!!
I don't what has me giggling more... You proving Kelli wrong about not blogging often, or remembering you running around photographing everyone's boobtag. ;-)
No need to apologize, you just executed the one plan we all had an idea about but weren't OCD enough to execute ;)
Jeez O Peets there I am peeking under my bi-focals again! LOL!

That was a good time and good work with the name tags, that worked out perfectly.
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