Friday, April 20, 2007


At least I wear my hand knits. Nobody can say different.
This is to distract from the real stuff I'm supposed to post. I have decided that I suck at photographing knitting instructions. My hat is off to those that can. I took about 30 really blurry un-informative pictures of my toe up method this morning, and only about the last 3 are actually viewable. But since you need the front end of that whole process the last 3 are pointless. I'll try again over the weekend and see what I can do.
Have a great weekend-it's supposed to be great weather here in the mitten state!

Get outside and play, Dana. I sometimes think seriously about taking a photography class.
Taking close up pictures can be a bugger. Check your camera for a close up setting. On my camera it is a little flower symbol. This setting allows you to get closer to your work, in some cases as close as 1.5" away. I can bring my camera to knitting club if you want to try it.
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