Thursday, April 05, 2007

So I don't get yelled at!

By Kelli, no less, I will be out of town for the next week and therefore will NOT be updating my blog. But 3 posts in one week should impress the heck out of you!

I am still compiling my list of Michigan (and surrounding) bloggers that attended the YH convention in Ann Arbor last weekend. I haven't even gotten to the pictures of name tags yet, and I'm already up to 30 on the list. I will try try try to complete it by tomorrow, but if not, as soon as I get back in town.

I've been doing lots of knitting with zero to show for it. I've gotten thisclose to achieving toe up skills, and they're actually looking less sucky than when I started. Still looks a little moth-holey but much better on each attempt. I'm trying it with Iris and I think part of why I don't like it is the colors don't line up with the short rows. So I'm going to try a different method (read, I'm going to make something up and see if it works) with the stripey Iris and try the traditional short rows with a more solid Lorna's Laces that I made my hippo socks out of. I should have enough for ankle socks, so I'm anxious to knock those out. Without the whole leg part they should go pretty fast.

I need to start planning my up north knitting bag too. Who knows what the weather will be like so I want to make sure I have enough variety to keep me entertained. I'm hoping the Diamond Fantasy shawl pattern shows up by Saturday, since that's what I'll be using the laceweight Malabrigio for. It met the yardage requirements, and since I saw that YH made one for herself I thought that would be a fitting momento from her recent visit. Plus it's just so dang pretty, who can resist?

I will keep plugging along on the blogger list, so be patient my pretties! Cuz the dang job is still getting in the way!

Take care.

Not yelling. :) You can take up to a one week break. Breaks over one week that I notice will get you the threat of rabid news hungry bunnies bouncing on your doorstep and throwing carrots at your window. That is all.
You had vodka in your car??? Wow, we could've used some of that! Next year for the Harlot visit I will bring my cherries soaked in amaretto--Yum-but we need a DD as they can be potent.
The Diamond Fantasy shawl looks fab. One day I'll get my lace one off the needles...soon...maybe.
Hi Dana - We met at the YH event last week. I am the one with the super-exciting blog name (Life and Knitting - I know you have a pic of my boob on your camera somewhere, since you were not aiming at my face).

I have to say I am so interested in those Touch Me gloves. Is it your own pattern? And did it take more than one skein? (really - are they $30 gloves or $15?) I'd love to make my mom a pair. It's so true about washing up that stuff, it really comes to life out of the dryer.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to chat with all the bloggers last week. It was great to meet you!

Work getting in the way of blogging and knitting? I don't understand ... oh, wait, yes I do. So no yelling from me.

Thanks again for providing the nametags!
Have a great trip! The shawl pattern looks great!
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