Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A plea to the knitting community....

Aww, that sounds so pathetic and desperate. It's really not that serious. I'm looking for 3 skeins of Touch Me in the purple color. A friend has asked me to make gloves for her daughter, and the LYS in my area doesn't have that color and might not get it any time soon.

I am posting this in case someone has this in their stash, and they don't plan to use it, for whatever reason. I KNOW I can purchase this online, so please don't send me a gazillion links for it (unless you have some reliable source that is super discounted-this stuff is kinda pricey!).

I was hoping to find someone looking to get rid of theirs and this way it would be a win-win for both of us!

If you have 3 skeins, in purple (there's a few different shades, I'll have to check with my friend for final approval of color), send me an e-mail with a picture if possible or at least the color number from the band. You can reach me at mnangel13 at yahoo dot com (make the appropriate changes for e-mail).

Thanks very much for your help! Have a great one!


Hi D, Sonya here (the other purple Touch Me glove knitter). I was at HYAW today and I saw at least one skien in there bin. There also having a 20% everything in the store sale.

Unfortunately the TM I have left was from several frogged attempts at a scarf, so it's not as smooth as straight off the ball. And I don't think I have 3 balls worth. Otherwise you'd be more than welcome to it if you wanted it.


I just sent you an email. Don't get too excited because I don't have purple, but I may have a local source that I can check for you.
No purple, sorry. I'm not a purple person. Touch Me is so yummy, though!

Thanks for the migraine sympathy. I take Relpax, too. I'm much better this evening.
Dana, did you get what you need yet? I saw purple Touch Me at a LYS yesterday and thought of you! If you haven't been successful, I'll link to you on my blog.
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