Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm baaaaccckkkk!

Did you miss me? I'd say I missed you, but would you believe me?

Hopefully you all had a great Easter/Passover. Mine was awesome.

Oh and before I forget, SO and I celebrated our 5th anniversary recently. 5 years together, 4 engaged, on 4/5. Maybe we'll actually get married one day. AND live under the same roof. Now that would be nice.

I did lots of knitting on my vacation. I made up a new toe up sock method-I think-since I haven't seen it done this way on any other toe up patterns. I missed the Knitty Gritty episode with Cookie doing the figure 8 cast-on, that would have been a great one to watch. (I'll post my new way as soon as I can document it with pictures-then you can tell me if you've seen this method before.)

I finished another pair of socks for SO, cast on the Diamond Fantasy Shawl, have another sock in progress for SO (dang, he's a lucky guy) and am up to the leg on my first toe up sock. I'm so excited by toe ups, that I can't wait to cast on for some ankle socks I've been wanting to make. I also successfully completed a short-row heel, and only had to rip it out once. Progress!

I am proud to say that my future step-son (12) has now started knitting. I even took him to Michael's yesterday so he could have needles of his own. He's making a blanket (for his dad) and he's embarking on a hat for himself. He's a very ambitious young man. Circular knitting scared the crap out of me at first. I'll keep you posted on his progress. I didn't want to take pictures of him knitting in case it spooked him. Take my word for it, he's doing it AND enjoying it. Pretty cool.

The weather was fairly nice up north, if 6 inches of snow is your thing. Luckily, the kids were digging it, so all was good in their world. It put a slight damper on my plans to check out the new LYS in Gaylord, but oh well, I'll try again next time I'm up.

I'll post again soon, with pictures, so hang in there just a little bit longer. Take care!

Congrats on your anniversary! I haven't gotten as much knitting done lately as I would like. I always seem to have other things getting in the my job. Work is very overrated. Nice to see a BOY knitting. I love it when the younglings break down stereotypes.
Man, I wish I could get my 13 year old stepdaughter to knit. She tells me I'm boring when I knit and proceeds to play video games. KIDS! haha
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