Monday, April 02, 2007

Hello My Name Is.....

Well, I couldn't find the ones that said Hello My Name I had to settle just for Hello stickers. (sorry about the rock and the finger-it's windy today)

I truly went on a dork-page and handed out stickers to any and all that would take them from me. I didn't even mind the occasional strange looks I got when I asked if there were any knitbloggers in the vicinity. Apparently, shocking as this seems, not EVERYONE talks about their knitting accomplishments on the infamous World Wide Web. Go figure! But I'm pretty dang sure that everyone that was in attendance to see Ms. Harlot, that blogs, got a sticker from me. To the point I think I was almost ridiculous about it. I went to the overflow room, not once, but TWICE, to make sure they weren't left out of my blog report. I photographed a whole lot of chests, to be sure to document all the bloggers in attendance. I will compile this list and post it here, within the next few days.

Also, thanks to my long-lost buddy Kelli, for coming prepared with stickers of her own, to be sure no blogger went sticker-less.

Holy crap! What a fabulous weekend I had. Since my friends and I have been looking forward to this since the second Amby spotted the Harlot's visit to our state, we have been planning and planning and planning. We got a room on the outskirts of downtown and arrived in AA early Saturday afternoon. We checked out a great sushi restaurant for a late lunch and then decided to pay Busy Hands a visit Saturday, knowing how slammed they would be on Sunday. Rebecca (not sure if I spelled that right), the owner of Busy Hands, was on hand and you could see the anticipation in her expression when the subject of the Yarn Harlot came up. I made a few purchases, because face it, it was a knitting weekend, and I discovered 2 fabulous yarns I'd never seen before. The first was a Malabrigio laceweight, in the Velvet Grapes colorway.
I cast on for toe up socks but I'm thinking this might be too delicate for socks, and will have to re-think it's final destiny. I'm open to any lacey suggestions, so leave them in the comments.

Then Amby and I discovered this amazing laceweight Merino/Silk blend with 1500 yards of glorious softness.
It's so gorgeous, you have to just squeeze it for yourself.

And this next purchase was purely impulsive, but the colors were too pretty to pass up. Maybe a shrug, or a little sassy wooden handled purse of sorts.
Decisions, decisions!

While we were waiting for Stephanie to move mountains and such to make her way BACK to Detroit for the second time in the same day, we were entertained by a parade of youngsters that were participating in a hat making adventure in honor of April Fools Day.

Because I am not keen on posting pics of children I'll only put a couple up here, but trust me when I say, this was a win-win for everyone. It kept the knitters entertained and somewhat distracted and the children were so well-received and obviously comfortable with parading in their costumes

that they came back for a second pass.

And finally, the moment we had all been waiting for. Roughly 3 hours late we were surprised by this:
She came running in at top speed in true people-pleaser form and the first word out of her mouth as she got her camera ready was "Crap!"
How else do you start an event after the day that she'd had? It was very cool that she did all that she did when it would have been so much simpler to throw up her hands and say, yep I tried, but I just can't get there. She even took her life into her hands by accepting a ride from a total stranger (although she did reveal that his mom AND wife are both knitters, so he must have felt obliged to help her, for his own safety).

And just so you don't think we were alone in our endeavors, Ms. Yarn Harlot herself agreed to get her dork on and put on a name tag too! How cool is that?! AND, she remembered that I was the one she created the petition for previously as I showed her my digital camera and told her I had acquired it with absolutely zero resistance from my SO! He didn't give me a funny look when I told him I was going to Ann Arbor and why! He even told me to have a good time! Now that's true progress.

I got so caught up in the moment that I took a picture of HER, but completely forgot to get my picture taken WITH her. Duh! Oh, silly little star-struck knitter.

It was a very long day, but so worth it. I even got to meet the infamous, blogless Rams, and it was awesome to meet Kristi, since I had participated in the virtual baby shower, Knitter (previously) Unkown.

I'd like to say hi to my new friend Nia (thanks for the safety pin by the way), hello again to Barb (possibly blogless-I'm still checking my pictures) from previous Knitter's Night Out events at Have You Any Wool, and of course a big hello to Kelli, and I promise to try to blog more frequently. I'm glad at least YOU think I have interesting things to blog about! Thanks for the vote of confidence. Oh, and thanks again Karen for the compliment on Tempting! It was great meeting you too.

Oh, I almost forgot. I got my sock yarn in the Iris colorway, from my new favorite online source for sock yarn To Knit, Perchance. I just loved the bright colors and had to have this.

I cast on for toe up socks, since I'm desperately trying to learn how to do this. Short rows may be the death of me. I have officially gone back on my yarn diet, after this weekends adventures!

That's all for now. I need to organize my pictures and compile my blogger's list, and hope to have that up here in a few days. Once again, dang JOB getting in my way!!

Have a great day, enjoy the sunshine and GO Tigers! (that's for you Amanda)

Great to meet you too! You up for a summer blogger reunion??
Ha! A post! Finally! A post! Oh, um, I had a good time seeing you too. :)
A dork-page? Does that make me your dork-in-crime? It's a good thing I had already professed my willingness to "get my dork on."
I am so bummed that I couldn't come south to see The Harlot...looks like you had a wonderful time.

When you get toe-up all figured out, will you hold classes? I'm still clueless...and you seem to be doing a fine job.
Anxiously awaiting the list, very cool! Good idea and good to see you again as always.
As for the lace weight, there isn't a lot of yardage I would assume, (?) there's the Swallowtail shawl from interweave or the Kevat shawl (free) from knitting pattern central.
Ummm, were all those nametags maybe because you're, I don't know... OCD???!!! ;-)

Great summary, Dana. I had fun reading your version! I wish The Harlot would update, now. She must be exhausted, though.
It was great to meet you and your sweater is divine! I was the blogger(moohlahknits) that made the original version for my Granddaughter. Where can I find your version-I know you told me but in the excitement of the days ups and downs I forgot. Love your choice of yarns from Busy Hands-I ruined my diet there too! I think the Harlot being late really made their day and because we were out,with knitters,near a LYS and with yarn/needles it was a great day for all of us.
You were a great"Ringleader". I nominate you to be in charge next year!!!
Hey Dana

I thought it was a brillant idea bringing the name tags so everyone would be able to know who we all are.

Great meeting you
I'm working on a sock in Susie's Iris colorway, too. Her yarn is just gorgeous.

Glad you had a good time meeting the Harlot and meeting Kristi.
Sounds like you had a great time-- sorry I missed it! :(
I think "dork-page" is officially going to be a new staple in my vocabulary.
hmmmm that , my be the only pic of me in my central park hoodie....nice shot of the back of my head as I try to catch a very blurry harlot....;) sorry i was in the way!
I did manage to dodge name tags from both directions - sorry! I got the Velvet Grapes Malabrigo laceweight too, and every time I walk past the bag I have to take it out and feel it. I agree that it's a little delicate for socks, I'm thinking about a lacy scarf. Kind of boring, but it will feel fabulous around my neck!
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