Monday, March 26, 2007

The Harlot is coming!

I'm so excited to see the Yarn Harlot again and I want to better prepared to meet all of my blogsisters that I've exchanged comments or e-mails with. But the question that plagued me last year was "How do we let people know who we are?" Name tags, tote bags with our blog on it, permanent marker on the forehead? (I'm voting no on the last one, so don't go busting out your Sharpies just yet)

Any ideas?


DANA!!!! I was wondering that too! I vote great BIG name tags. :) I want to take lots of pictures and meet all of the people and oh, I want to see you again too!!!! (sorry about all of the exclamation points)
I vote Hello My Name is... stickers. Can't beat the classics!

BTW - the hedgehog pattern is Fiber Trends #228 - Huggable Hedgehogs.
When is the Harlot coming? I know she will be an Ann Arbor the first part of April, but what day is it? See you at knitting club.
Should be fun...I'm even planning on going! Yes, I'm going to leave my house for an event.
"My name is" stickers sounds like the ticket.
Dana, I enjoyed meeting you today! And I loved your Tempting sweater. :-)
nice to meet you and thanks for the name tag sticker. i'm only sorry i didn't speak up sooner. anyway, i was a knitter from toledo and my blog is i've been blog-hopping today through your usual south-easter michigan crew. :)
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