Monday, January 22, 2007

Winter has arrived.

We spent the weekend up north and the "boys" got to play in the snow. Thank goodness. Even the 80 year old neighbor was happy to have "playmates". Nothing like whiney grown men complaining about the lack of snow in which to play in. I spent the weekend sewing since I came up with the brilliant idea to take my daughter's sewing machine up north as a spare for projects here and there. Here and there turned into the whole weekend of me fabbing up curtains to replace the hideous 70's orange/brown numbers that have been gracing those windows since I-don't-know-when. Most of the back room has been transformed. That's the bad part about having a "hunter's" cabin. All the wives from previous generations clean house by sending all of their "perfectly fine" curtains, furniture, dishes, etc. up north with the men and because they have no fashion sense they hang it, use it, and don't know any better. I'm not turning this into a girly place by any means, the new curtains are a plain milkshake brown, but at least they're new, clean and don't require batteries for the colors. Plus 2/3 of the membership approved them so we're all set.

All that sewing did cramp my otherwise planned weekend of knitting in front of the fireplace, watching chick flicks to my heart's content, but I did manage to do a little. I did 2 rows on Peacock to test out my new magnetic chart holder from Knit Picks. It worked well, but it's kinda small and if I had spent more time looking I could have picked a slightly larger version based on dimensions. But I still made it work. I also received my Knit Picks yarn on Friday so I can start the Corset T from Annie M, but I chose to leave it behind to make myself finish Tempting before casting on something new. Such restraint. Speaking of I also attached the sleeves to Tempting and am about 1/2 way thru the 5" of knitting for the yoke. I know, the colors look terrible, you're just gonna have to take my word on it, it's a beautiful rich deep red.
I can't wait to do the Audrey neckline for this sweater, it's going to look fab! I also whipped out one dishcloth for my self-imposed obligatory knitting for the cabin. I found a pattern that uses reverse yarn-overs without creating a hole so I got just a nice square non-holey dish cloth. I'll have to work on a larger version though, cuz the 43 stitch ones aren't wide enough for my liking.

That was it on the knitting front. I'm off to exercise tonight since I'm down to teaching one night a week and it's up to me to exercise on the "off" nights if I'm gonna look decent in my swim suit for the cruise next month. 17 days and counting!!

Have a great Monday!!

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We'll have to make sure to coordinate so you wear Tempting and I wear Audrey to the 'bou on the same night...we can make everyone ill with our over-the-top twin-liness. :-)
Looking good! Glad to hear about the de-stankifying of the curtains, this is important work. :)
Glad to know about the chart holder. I've been tempted to order one myself, but had the same fear.
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