Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year! 2007

Ok, I already have a headache and I've only been back to work for a few hours. This is not cool.

Actually, I can't complain. We had a wonderful time up north even without a single solitary speck of snow! I knitted. I slept as late as I wanted. I napped. I engaged in a few cocktails. I watched movies. It was the BEST vacation. And now I'm back at work. {sigh} Oh well, it was bound to end.

I did do some knitting while in the woods. I reincarnated the ever-elusive Peacock shawl. After frogging back to the last chart (I'm SO glad I was smart enough-insecure enough in my own ability to read a chart-to install a lifeline) I have now moved past where I was at the point of error detection (one too many YO's gone astray) and feel like I'm actually grasping the whole chart thing. I am also employing stitch markers (after 80 rows of not) to keep better track of the pattern repeats. Say it with me. DUH! I know, I'm a slow learner and that should have been a no-brainer.
Here's an FO for you too.

I know, it's dark and poor quality. It's my camera phone though, don't even get me started on where MY/OUR digital camera is. I've surrendered it, to sit lifeless on a book shelf cuz I've heard ONE TOO MANY TIMES, "it's OUR camera but she's always using it to take knitting pictures". I'm buying MY OWN. And, I may not even help him figure out to use HIS. So there.

Anyway, back to the FO, this is my mom's shawl. It's a surprise and I'm hoping to give it to her this weekend. This is Karabella's New Magic in a gold/beigey/white colorway. Very pretty and incredibly soft. I can't wait to start mine in a metallic sage green color. Perhaps in time for my upcoming cruise. Oh, didn't I mention that before? You see, at our company Christmas party my boss decided to surprise the retiring partner (my future FIL) with a cruise. He invited all the 10 year guys to attend such cruise. Since my guy has been around since the company's inception, I'm IN!! Too cool or what?!! So, I have now until about February 1 to plan my cruise wardrobe and to incorporate hand knits wherever possible. Since we're going to Cozumel, I won't be needing any sweaters, but I'm working on Tempting out of DB Cashmerino Aran and since it's short sleeved but still full-coverage it might just be perfect for those overly A/C'd formal dinners on board ship. And speaking of DB, I absolutely love this yarn. I'm about 10" into a 2x2 ribbing and this stuff doesn't split, doesn't twist, and generally behaves exactly as it should. It's great! I will definitely use this product again in the future.

Happy New Year everyone. I hope that you find whatever happiness you are looking for!

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Glad you had a good trip- I actually made it to Troy last night and was sorry you weren't there. I saw your sister though! The shawl looks great!!!!!
P.S. Don't forget about Knitters Night Out next week!
Wow! A cruise in February! You know that means the rest of us will be stuck with the blizzard that starts 5 minutes after your ship leaves the dock. ;)
Moms are the best when it comes to hand knits, it's like you gave them a gold brick! Didn't make it to Dearborn on Tuesday, I am just wiped out this week for some reason. Hope to run in to you one of these days!
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