Thursday, December 28, 2006

Things I SHOULD have said....

Well maybe you’d like it better if I sat around farting or playing fart noises on my computer and analyzed every unit of electricity that runs thru this building, all in the name of productivity?

Clearly you’re under pressure, and I happen to be the lucky idiot that answered the phone.

I’m sorry that YOU screwed up big time on one of your jobs, but trying to blame it on me won’t fix it.

It must really suck to have to get up at a normal time in order to run your company, for a change.

Oh, so this is what 8 a.m. looks like!


Having a rough day? :(
I think something that requires ice and a blender are in order. ;)
That whole work thing is highly overrated. I am doing some "forced" overtime this weekend myself. The great part is that it's the first weekend that I've had to work both Sat and Sun this year and it's the first weekend that my hub has actually had off in six months. Nice. We both need cocktails.
Yes, I know how it is, we have a couple of "special needs" staff members that our manager feels that the rest of us should all have to work around. My question is why? If they are supposed to be competant professionals then they should probably join in and try to act the part. Grrrr. I feel your pain
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