Monday, December 11, 2006

Happy December to all!!

Yep, blew right past my blogiversary and am smack dab into December. How did that happen?

Well, I've been busy. I've been sick. I've been knitting. And I've been working. A lot. And I don't think it's slowing down at all. I don't have any pictures to show for any of it. I'm sure you're grateful for no pictures of the Me Sick part of the above, but maybe knitting pictures would be nice. I have been knitting though. I finished the first sock of SO's second pair. I have almost completed the second sleeve of SO's first sweater. Yep it's still boring, but I'm plugging along. I'm about 1/2 way thru my mom's shawl. This was after discovering that almost all the way thru the second ball of a 3-ball shawl, I was doing it wrong. Yikes! At least I know it's right now, so I'm trying to quickly make my way thru it, in time for Christmas. I made 1 glove for myself from the One Skein book and cast on for the second, but haven't touched it in days. Christmas shopping just doesn't make time for knitting, but I'm trying to fit it all in.

This week are the last classes for aerobics till January, and let me tell you I'm so happy to be hanging up my weights for a few weeks. I missed a week of classes when I was down with the flu, and let me tell you, last week's class about killed me. I'm still sore. I hope to make it thru tonight without totally wrecking my body, and maybe I'll be able to walk again soon without flinching. All in the name of good health right?

I went out with my friends to HYAW for their Knitter's Night Out. If you haven't checked it out, you need to. It's a small group, but it's so much fun. We went out for dinner and drinks after, and were able to knit in the smoke-free environment. Very enjoyable! That was the ONLY knitting I really did all weekend though, the rest of the time was spent cleaning and shopping.

Sheesh this holiday is flying up fast. I hope everyone else is finding a way to enjoy it, I'm hoping just to live thru it.

I heard on the news tonight that if you want any online shopping gifts to arrive before Christmas (standard mail), you have to order THIS WEEK. Now THAT freaks me out...
It was nice seeing you Friday Dana! Good luck finishing all of your projects. I had to stay home sick today and was (gasp) too sick to knit! It wasn't fair, I tell you!
X-mas is TOO close, I still have prezzies to get, thankfully I have Monday off and might actually be able to get things done! Started my yoga again (modified) my shoulders got a little twingey but not bad. I've got my fingers crossed.
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