Friday, October 13, 2006

Winter doldrums?

Who'd a thunk I would be having them already. It's only the 13th of October forcryingoutloud! I'm cranky, frustrated and just wanna knit already. Every night this week I've piled on layers of clothes and more blankets, cuz the freakin window a/c is still in my bedroom window and it's making it like the Arctic Zone in my room at night. Take it out you say? Oh, sure, that WOULD be the perfect solution except I'm too tired every night to even think about conquering that beast! So blankets and layers it's been. Maybe this weekend (pulling a window a/c out during a rain storm is WAY funner than managing it only when it's cold). I know how to have fun.

I wish I could say I was making skads of progress on my new projects, but alas that would be a lie. I need to cast on the second sleeve of SO's sweater, so I can enjoy mindless stockinette knitting while I'm out and about. But I haven't had the time to be able to sit down and actually cast on! I was at ginnastics (a friend's child always pronounces it that way, so it stuck) last night and spent the whole dang 2 hours that I was there on 1 row of the Magic Shawl. Oh yeah, it's Magic all right! Like it will be a frickin miracle if I don't toss it out the window while cruising down the e-way at 80. (Fortunately the price of the yarn will guarantee it's safety) So the plan I had to work on that for an hour and then spend the second hour casting on the second sleeve and casting on for Tempting didn't happen.

I have also spent a little (very little) time reconstructing a knitted item that has just been languishing in my drawer, in a semi unwearable state. I hope to have that handled pretty soon and will post pics to document the process.

I AM going to Knitter's Night Out tonight and meeting up with some friends since I missed my regular Wednesday meet up, so my plan is to cast on for Tempting AND the second sleeve and go from there. I'm thinking Magic Shawl won't be making an appearance tonight. I can't wait to just sit and knit, and actually have something to show for it at the end of the night.

I know I have been totally obsessed with knitting, since I haven't really been able to get anything done lately. I know this because while driving down the road today I swore that someone in front of me had a license plate that said ACRYLIC. Not my fiber of choice, mind you, but it just kinda jumped out at me. Upon further investigation of course it didn't say that at all, but that led me to think I'm truly tired and pre-occupied with this hobby that I just can't seem to fit in sometimes. Very frustrating. Dang job.

Bundle up all my fellow Michiganders. We're not looking at warmer temps for a few days, and the rain this weekend should make it even better. ??

Have a great weekend!

Dana, I can totally relate, it seems like I have a huge amount of WIP's on the needles and haven't had anything to show for it in a long time. I did finally finish a pair of socks last night and will post some time this weekend. Your magic shawl sounds like my Kevat shawl...45 rows and only about three inches long! yeesh! What was I thinking. Maybe Monday nights at Sweetwaters will pick up with the cooler weather. That way we can kvetch together.
Dana, I had a good time knitting with you all last night. Thanks for allowing me to ramble and ask questions.
You guys are the greatest!

I know, isn't it crazy how chilly it's been?! I had to dig out my flannel sheets last week. Brrrr!
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