Wednesday, October 04, 2006

F.O., F.O., another one to show!

Finally, an accomplishment to show. Here's the finished Sari Silk Shrug in all it's glory.

But I'm still Grumpy (ha ha), cuz my Hippo sock is taunting me with it's un-F.O.'d status. I'm so close it's killing me. I even contemplated getting up at 5 a.m. the other morning when the storm woke me up, just to finish it. Fortunately good sense kicked in and I went back to sleep, but it's bugging me that much.

I went to the Sewing Expo in Novi over the weekend with my mom and City Knits had a booth there. My mom fell in love with a shawl that was on display and found the color of Karabella's New Magic that she liked but they only had one ball. My buddy Lynn from my knitting group happens to work at CK so I paid her a visit yesterday and she hooked me up with the pattern and the yarn. My intent is to knit it for my mom and surprise her with it. It's a very simple shawl pattern and the yarn makes it look tricky. I hope it goes fast. I cast on for it yesterday and completed a few rows, but it's quite shocking to go from size 1 needles to a size 15 and I'm having some slippage issues. I hope once I get a little further along I'll have more to hold onto. Has anyone else made this shawl?

The Sewing Expo was really cool and it reaffirms my need to quit my regular job so I can spend all my waking moments on all things crafty. Dang job!

Back to the shrug. I actually received several compliments at work including multiple comments from my boss, Mr. I-have-absolutely-no-fashion-sense- whatsoever. Wonders never cease. It was really comfortable and I will probably be making another incarnation of it in the near future. I did the sewn bind off and am very pleased with the stretchy comfortable edge that provided. My llama shrug pulls a little since there's no elasticity in the llama and I'm seriously considering blowing out the edging and re-doing it with a sewn bind off. I have enough yardage to do it, and might even switch it to the seed stitch edging instead of the ribbing. We'll see, that's my perfectionist mentality working overtime again.

Have a great day. I hope to have another FO to add very soon!!

Is it just me, or does the model wearing the shawl in that picture look like Sissy Spacek during her "Carrie" days? I'm sure your mom will look a lot better in it, very nice!
She does look Carrie-like, only a little less haunting. Luckily my mom looks nothing like that model.
Looks great Dana!
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