Thursday, October 05, 2006


I thought these were literally going to be the end of me. I met up with my girls last night at Caribou in Troy and knocked out the last few rows of the toe. Check it:

I need to transfer this and the Silk shrug over to my FO's page with all the details if I can remember to grab my notebook that has the info. I like the socks but I'm still not crazy about the way I finish off the toe. I have the Kitchener down but it's that pesky last stitch that always seems to kinda stick out and make a pointy nuisance of itself. I try to weave in the ends in a manner that smooshes the point down, but I still always feel like an amateur at that particular step. Any tips? I already do the "slip the end stitch over it's neighbor on all four sides" but it still comes out kinda square.

I have two sweaters lined up for my next big project and I also intend to pull my SO's sweater out of procrastinator's time out. I need to just do his already. For myself I will be making Tempting by Jenna Adorno out of a beatiful deep red Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, and I will be trading in some pink Calmer for 3 additional skeins of the dark purple Calmer I purchased for another project and that will become Audrey. I'm very excited to be making a sweater for myself finally. Granted, I only made one, but it was for DD and not me. I hope Audrey suits me, as I can see myself making it in a wool yarn as well. I can't wait to get started.

I also scored big time today by catching an error on an online craft seller. I won't mention their name, but thanks to my inquisitive phone call I scored 2 sets of Addis, size 1 and size 4 for a really good price. The 1's are to replace Amby's 1's that she lent me, since some child or animal sat on my sock bag and bent hers more than I could stand. The 4's are just to enhance my collection since I'm periodically searching for 4's and have to settle with my Denise 5's. Don't hate me for getting lucky once in a while.

Have a great day!!

Nice job on the Hippo, love the colors. I find that that pesky last stitch gets lost in the wash so to speak. After the first wash or so they sort of find their shape and the little nub is not such an issue.
Gorgeous socks!!
Yay! Nice poms!
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