Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Feeling lucky punk?

Ummm, not so much.

Do you ever find yourself knitting s-l-o-w-e-r toward the end of a project, like when you're not sure you'll have enough yarn to finish? Uh yeah, that's where I'm at. It occurred to me sometime yesterday afternoon that the skein of Silk Garden I'm making Fetching out of was not a full skein. I remembered that in order to complete a hat for SO, I had to dip into the second skein I bought for such emergencies. {Sigh} I'm at the thumb and I have 14 more rows to complete and not a lot of yarn left. See? (the colors are terrible cuz I was discreetly photographing this in my trunk at work).
The upper left corner has a darker blue scrap yarn which indicates the start of the thumb. Here is the remainder of the skein: (again the colors are totally off)
And this is a scrap left from SO's hat and some
random piece that came out of the working skein:
Cutting it kinda close huh? Now I have another color of Silk Garden that will probably work, and I have some leftover Zara from SO's socks that I was thinking of tipping the thumb and upper hand part with, but still. Can't it ever be simple?

In happier news I did actually find a pair of bamboo circs at Joann the other day to try out on my mom's shawl. I will probably rough them up a bit with some sand paper, and I might even make the tip pointier, for ease of M1 making. I'll let you know how they work. If that doesn't work I was seriously considering layering the Denise needle with a thin coat of Elmer's glue (did you ever use to make glue gloves in school? I wasted HOURS at school on that in eighth grade. Spread it on, let it dry, peel it off. Rinse wash repeat. Ah, those were the days.) and let it dry. I'm assuming it will feel a little tacky which will aid in gripping the yarn from hell ....errr Karabella Magic.

I have a class tonight and if I'm up to it my weekly meetup with the girls. I'm battling a tiny cold and I'm hoping to sweat it out tonight. Have a good one!

Ah, the joys of peeling glue off your hands- that's all I ever used to do too. Good luck with finishing them up!
Just curious, did you ever give him the petition?
Ahhh,,sharpening bamboo's never thought of that, I may have to resort to that for the lace I'm working on. So what does the glue do for needles? Never did glue gloves but I ate plenty of paste in first grade, I like to think it's the reason behind my cast iron stomach.
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