Monday, October 16, 2006

Can you believe the Tigers?

They are kicking some serious baseball butt! I'm not a big fan, but I have to tip my hat to them. I'd much rather play it than watch it on tv, but it's very exciting that they're doing so well.

Luckily for them and ME we had a nice weekend weather-wise since I had two soccer games to go to. We won both of them, and I got a little knitting it during the warm ups. Here's what I did.

One Fetching down and one more to go. I'm using Noro Silk Garden, cuz I love how it knits into hats. I don't think the colors are going to match for the second one, but I'm trying to make it work at least a little. I saved the small portion of purple in the skein for the thumbs, so at least they'll match. I haven't decided if I like the picot bind off yet, and when I get farther along on the second one I may actually go back and lengthen the first one and just do a sewn bind off instead with no bumpy picots. I'll know more when I make sure I have enough yarn and how the colors are working. That's the second sleeve for SO's sweater, I finally cast it on. It goes pretty fast once I get it on the needles. And it's almost big enough to do away with the magic loop and just knit round and round. I discovered that Denise cables don't like the colder weather, so I struggled a bit with that while out for the soccer games. I didn't want to put too much pressure on them, so I was extra careful. There's nothing worse than snapping a cable mid row.

I'm running into Joann tonight to see if they have any bamboo circs at a reasonable price. I think this will be exactly what I need to get thru the Magic Shawl for my mom. I tried a pair at HYAW on Friday night at the Knitter's Night Out but didn't love the hefty price tag. It was nice to have a girl's night out, since I missed my meetup last Wednesday, and any day that ends in martinis classifies as a good day in my book. I got to hang out with Beth, Sonya, Amy, Amanda, and met 2 new people that I think are regulars at HYAW. The shop owner came in to, and shocked me by asking about my daughter and how she was doing. That's good customer relations I tell ya!

Speaking of daughter, this is why you DON'T let your 11 year old "see" your camera phone.
I look thrilled, don't I?

I discovered it this morning while uploading my WIP's. It made me laugh, and it made me miss her at the same time. I hope Friday gets here fast!

I have 2 classes to teach this week, and not much other free time to speak of, with the last week of soccer practice to get thru. I hope to have an FO to show you soon!

Talk to you again real soon!

Don't you just love Silk Garden? I'm working on Simple Knitted Bodice for the Sexy Knitters Knit A Long with it. Yummy!
I have made glovettes with noro kenyon and even though they don't "match" the color variations make them cool. Besides, it's an asymetrical world that we live in. Nice job on fetching, is that off of Knitty? Never let a kid have a camera, my family still tries to take mine at family gatherings ;-)
Wow you've gotten a lot done on those already! It was nice seeing you Friday.
yum, Love the Silk Garden. The gloves will look great and be so warm!
BTW, I posted about the booties on my blog today!
Fixed the link! Thanks!
so let me know when you are ready to crochet!
email me @ cbast25 at yahoo dot com

not for your first project, but good for your 2nd !
Nice Picture! Is that your best side? No reason... just wondering.. hee
Nice Picture. Is that your best side? no reason... just wondering.. hee
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