Friday, October 06, 2006

Busy busy!

I'm so happy to be on to new projects!! I pulled the SO's sweater out of procrastination time out and managed to whip thru almost his whole sleeve last night. He was extremely happy to see progress on it. (Geez it's about time, it's almost winter already!) When I set it down to combat boredom and do a row on the Magic Shawl he was real quick to say "HEY, I've been waiting on this sweater WAY longer than your mom and her shawl". Picture the pouty lip that accompanied that statement. I said "Relax dear, I'm just giving my hands a break, and only doing 1 row". He seemed content with that. (Well, maybe if you wait long enough it will be ready by NEXT winter!) Holy crap, it IS pretty boring though. I'm happy it's chunky yarn on size 10's! The picture came out really dark, since it's black yarn and it's laid out on his camo blanket (which I made him-he really acts like I do NOTHING for him).
Actually, the pictures are very telling, since it really is just a big black blob!

Here's a picture of the shawl in progress.

Every other row calls for K1,M1 and that's kinda tricky with this particular yarn. I did the last row as K1,Knit front and back thru back loop and don't see a definite difference. Has anyone else tried this, and will I be frogging soon cuz I goofed up? Let me know what you think.

I'm hoping to cast on for Audrey this weekend, so I'll have the 3 projects to bounce between. I'll go from straight stockinette in black, to K1,M1 in metallic yarn, to 2x2 ribbing in Calmer. Hmmm, which one will push me over the edge? Better stock up on happy beverages for the test!

I haven't been spinning much lately, but I did start the merino/angora roving that I got from the Romeo Fiber Festival a few weeks ago. I'll have to remember to snap a pic, it's coming out very nicely with a somewhat metallic gray look. I'm thinking of keeping it as a single and make a shawl or wrap of sorts with it. I'll keep you posted on that progress.

Have a great weekend everybody!!

You have been busy! I feel like such a slacker as I haven't finished anything but I have managed to start a couple of more projects. maybe this weekend I will manage to finish out a sock or two if I don't go to the frog pond.
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