Friday, September 22, 2006

Happy Friday!

I'm so happy the weekend is here! The weather is supposed to be kinda crappy, but I can deal with that.

A few have asked and yep, I'll be at the Sheep and Wool Festival in Romeo on Saturday. My plan is to be there kinda early, noon-ish. I hope I run into lots of knitter/fiber friends. I'm anxious to buy some more llama for spinning, since the last batch spun up so beautifully. I'm hoping to actually experience the Angora Rabbits this time too, since they so rudely blew off the festival last Spring. I just hope the weather cooperates, cuz it's pretty tough to fondle fiber in a downpour!

I had a great evening on Wednesday, hanging out with my Knitster-Buds at the 'Bou. I really needed to just "hang out" and do the chick thing, and of course my friends came thru for me. Thanks ladies!

I'm looking forward to a little knitting time this weekend, but with the festival on Saturday and a party on Sunday (uh yeah, I still have to clean the house) I'm not expecting to get much done. The second OSW is almost finished, with the recent acquisition of some coordinating silk/wool blend for the sleeve trim and neck edging. I can't wait till it's an FO.

I get my dog back today!! The neighbor from up north that has been watching him for me just so happens to have a daughter in Northville and he's coming in today to visit with her and offered to deliver my dog for me! How cool is that?! I can't wait to see the little guy, but he might not be so happy when he goes back to the ole grind of just dog food. I guess they've been spoiling him silly up north, indulging him in such things as bacon, and hamburger and chicken (off the bone, of course). It will still be good to see my baby again. At 13, he's definitely part of the fam, and it will be great to have him back home.

Have a great weekend everybody, and if you're in Romeo tomorrow, I'll be the tall dorky one drooling over all the fibery goodness the festival has to offer! See ya!

What's this? Puppy still isn't home? How sad. I miss my poor little Dottie just terribly. At this point, I've given up on her. I'm cuddling Stash and thinking of yarn. (Pure distration mind you.)
I'll be there about one-ish. Only because I have to work. Poor'll just have to spoil her a little bit too when she comes home.
Woohoo! I'm going tomorrow! Hope to see ya there!!
Sounds like a busy weekend - hope you're enjoying it and that the weather cooperated. And that you got your "baby" back!!
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