Tuesday, September 19, 2006

FO, FO, it's off to LYS I go!

I finally have an FO, go check it: Done, done, done, done!

I can't really go to the LYS, since my stash is so large, but I need a little sumpin sumpin to finish the WIP I'm currently on.

OK, Blogger is really pissing me off, since it is refusing to download my pictures in any sort of timely fashion. I'd kick it but I'm wearing handknit socks and don't want to risk snagging them on my USB cable!

(Amazing, as soon as you start bad-mouthing Blogger it starts working)

Here is a picture of the second OSW in progress, with the pain-in-the-butt Sari silk.

A close-up of the jewel tones:

And because of a suggestion from the owner of Sweet Celeste's in Mt. Clemens, I'm using a carry-along fiber as well. It's nylon and stretchy and gives the silk a little more stability (I hope). It blends completely so it's undetectable. But, if you notice, the ball on the left is pretty small and I won't have enough to finish the sleeve detail or ribbed edge with the silk, so I'm thinking about using Debbie Bliss Pure Silk for the edging. I'll be stopping by Ewe-Nique in RO tonight and see what they have.

I mentioned Sweet Celeste's and if you are in the area you should really go check it out. The store owner (Kathleen-I think) is really nice and extremely helpful and her shop has a lot to offer. I was in Mt. Clemens for jury duty and was fortunate enough to stumble across her shop on my lunch. A great way to make the best of the situation if you ask me!

Hi to Marj, Jen, Amy, Kelli and Chris who recently left me comments. Have a great day everybody!

Oh, pretty projects!!!

Hi yourself. :)
Gorgeous colors...Another LYS to check out..gahhhh!!!
BTW are you going to the fiber fest this weekend in Romeo? I plan on Saturday afternoon some time.
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