Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Almost a month!

I can't believe it has been almost 30 days since my last post. I know they say time flies when you're having fun, but it ZOOMS by when it's not so fun. Hopefully that's God's way of just getting me thru the crap and rushing me ahead to better times.

Now onto happier thoughts!

First of all, my baby girl is 11 TODAY!! Firmly planted into double digits now, she's growing like a weed and skillfully making her way thru the joys of Middle School. I think it's harder on me especially when I see school calendars listing DANCES on them as part of their activities. Dances? In 6th grade? C'mon, surely I'm at least 3 or 4 years away from that stuff aren't I? {sigh} I need my vitamins, and my glasses so I can fill out my AARP application. And turn that music DOWN for crying out loud! Yikes, I sound like my parents.

We spent 10 glorious days tucked away in the woods, and had a wonderfully boring, calm, relaxing time. I don't mean boring in a bad way, but more so in a way that there was no hustle bustle of city life, and it was fantastic! The kids rode dirt bikes, shot bows, we went fishing, and just generally hung out. I slept in till 10 or 11 EVERY day, and life was grand. On a somber note though, my dog ran away and I was really worried that something bad happened to him. I kept hearing stories of coyotes and large birds that could make off with a Sheltie of his size and I thought I'd never see him again. I was hoping that somebody simply picked him up, since he was clearly a house dog, and that because he didn't have tags they would just give him a good home and he would be well cared for and loved, even if not by me. We had to drive home, without him, which was really hard, since he's been with me for all of his 13 years of life, save the first 6 weeks before I got him. As luck would have it, and because I blabbed to EVERYONE in the woods about my missing dog, we got a call the day after we came home, that in fact, a logger guy picked him up and was caring for him and searching for his owner. Thank goodness I have such a big mouth, because in his beginning door to door search effort, the first house he went to knew about me and my missing dog. The rescuer said he was in rough shape when he found him, and I haven't figured out yet how many days he was in the woods before being found, but the rescuer brushed him, bathed him and extracted a porcupine quill from his chest. He is in the care of a neighbor up north, until I'm able to get back up there to pick him up. Darn job. Always in the way. I hope he can tell me about the whole porcupine thing....

I have been knitting, some, but not nearly as much as I expected while holed up in the woods. I made the OSW from Glampyre and realized it fit my daughter PERFECTLY, which was not my goal, so me and Kermie had a chat, and now it's the right size. I made it from my handspun llama, and will take a pic as soon as I'm able (I'm currently in possession of the digital by the way, but that is probably only temporary-in case anyone was checking). I am starting a second OSW with the sari silk I bought in AA, and holy crap, does anyone else have a horror story about this yarn? I had to really work at getting it untangled and couldn't wind it from my swift on to the ball winder, so I wound it by hand, and it kept separating. Like it didn't have enough twist. And now as I'm knitting with it, it's STILL separating. There's gonna be a gazillion knots in this stuff by the time I'm done! I'm not even sure I have enough to make the whole OSW with it, but I was going to attempt it anyway. The colors are beautiful, but it's really tricky to work with.

The Hippo Sock is still around, and I just finished the gusset decreases and pick it up here and there, when I'm frustrated with the OSW. I swatched the yarn I got online from Perchance and have decided to try the men's sock pattern from Knitty. They may be somewhat thin, being knit on 6's, but the colors are great and it's a nice pattern too. At least I won't hear SO say "You want me to wear thick wool socks in the summer?!", since these will definitely be lighter weight. I have yet to revive his sweater, but still keep thinking I will. I'm not sure what really caused that project to stall, except it's just kinda boring stockinette. I'm knitting the sleeve first, in the round so I don't have to seam it or purl at all. I'm early enough into it that I may do a purl stitch as a fake seam like I read about on YH's site during her gansey knitting.

I'm so far behind on reading everyone's blogs too. I feel so out of touch. I'm hoping to be caught up soon, and then I can see what everyone has been up to, without me. I'll try to ease back into it all, including blogging, so thanks for hanging in there with me.

Have a great day!

Sorry the silk is giving you so much trouble!!! Come see us soon in Dearborn, k?
Finally. Do you know how long I've been waiting for a post? Since the last one! I just want to know when you get the blogging camera back.
I'm so glad to hear that your dog is ok! How scary.
Yikes..I've got some Sari silk in my stash right now that I haven't attempted to wind yet. Now I'm scared, I've had about all the tangly goodness I can handle for one..lifetime.
Dude...you MUST join us in Dearborn some time. I just haven't had time to do the Monday thing lately with having major renovations done on the casa.
Glad you got your pup back safe and sound how flippin' scary.
I've made a couple of garments with the sari silk, but always knitted along with another yarn - most recently, I did a vest with wool and SS that worked out very well. It is definitely irregular stuff.
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