Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Another quickie!

I just wanted to show you my first finished Hippo sock, and the start of the second one. How's it look?

I think the reflection of the bars from the window is a nice touch. Gotta love working in the ghetto. I love the colors in these socks, but don't love using size 1 Addi's with their blunt tip. I just recently purchased size 1's from Knit Picks and am anxious to try them on my next pair, for comparison. I'll let you know when I try them.

That's all for now. I'm pretty wiped out from last night, I taught class and squoze (it's a word) a little (very little) yard work in before it was pitch black out and it became somewhat ridiculous that I was still out there. Tonight we're going shopping for some more camping necessities since we're taking the kids this weekend.

Have a good one! (Is it 5 yet?)

It's gorgeous! I think the sari silk you got was Mango Moon, right? (It's softer than the other brand, and it softens up in washing too. I'd go for it.)
Hot socks!!!!
Your Hippo socks are lovely!

I followed you over from Yarnivorous - I'm another celiac knitblogger!

Nice job on the hippo socks and LOVE the color! The bars add a nice touch as well in an Andrew Wyeth kind of way.
The Knit Picks needles are wonderfully pointy! I love them.

I really love those socks, especially the color.
I am anxious to hear your review of the Knitpicks needles. I love my Addis but the tips drive me nuts sometimes too! Make sure to let us know how the joins are too!
Sqoze--I love that word--and those socks are gorgeous!
The socks are beautiful, you did a great job on them!
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