Monday, July 31, 2006

This darn job!

Don't you just hate when you've had a really good weekend, but Monday comes along and you have no time to post about your really good weekend? My day has been like that. And then of course the 'puter chose to be it's typical uncooperative self, so I couldn't get pictures into my blog either.

I got to meet YH in Ann Arbor. It was the coolest thing ever. I haven't been in the right place at the right time to meet other celebs in the area and I'm ok with I must have been earning much celeb karma points or something, because not only did I get to see her, hear her talk, she will hopefully remember me because of what she did for ME. She was up there talking about her book and cracking us up no end (like when my 10 year old piped up during the Willy Warmer part and said loudly "What's that?") After I crawled back out from under my chair she shared some more humorous stories with us about her book tour and radio interviews. At the end she gave us an opportunity to ask questions. I figured with all of her experience with radio hosts and interviewers who are non-knitters (as if) she would be the perfect person to answer my question. I asked her "What do you tell non-knitters when they don't understand why knitters feel the need to blog or document their WIP's or FO's?" I went on to explain that my fiance doesn't understand the obsession with knitting, but is completely baffled by our (knitters) need to talk about it, type about it and take pictures of it all. I even mentioned how he asked for the digital camera back because "all you do is take pictures of knitting with it anyway". Stephanie immediately took charge of the situation, and instead of a few purls(lol) of wisdom or a witty comeback she said "What, do you want a note or something?" and as I was thinking about that she immediately dictated a petition to whomever was quick enough to grab pen and paper (thank you to the fast writer) and after she finished dictating said petition she directed everyone (I mean EVERYONE) in the room to sign it. Needless to say I left there armed with a personally dicated petition, signed by practically everyone in attendance, including Stephanie herself. I'm picking my moment, to spring it on SO, the next time he gets uppity about my "little hobby". Or thinks I'm silly for wanting to meet an author who won't remember me anyway. Hmmmph!

I was able to get my picture taken with YH, thanks to my friend/personal photographer. I also got my
picture taken with another knitter standing in line, working on the same hippo beast sock I am. She was still on the first, but the gold color and the recognizable pattern caught my eye instantly. I only wish I had gotten her name.

I was able to finally put a face with a blog, when I met Ms. Frottez herself .
She was kind enough to join some of Knit Detroit (she wasn't in the picture though) after, for a bite to eat at Parthenon and then we wandered over to Busy Hands, hoping YH was not too wiped out to make an appearance. We didn't see her, but we enjoyed 20% off of our purchases, so all was not lost!

It was so nice to see so many people there, I only wish we had name tags or something that had our blog names on them, cuz then we could have made so many more friends in person, and not just in cyber space. What a great group, it was a fantastic experience.

I can't believe how much energy Stephanie must have, she stayed well past 6 to sign every book and pose for umpteen million photos, no bathroom or food breaks. She's truly an amazing person, very real, very everyday. We were all very lucky to meet such a person.

I'm loving seeing everyone's photos of themselves with The Harlot- it is staggering to think of how many times she has posed for pictures with one knitter or another- what a saint! Let me know when you spring the petition on you-know-who!
Dana! I was knitting on the bright pink dish cloth in the second row by the aisle. lol I even said, "Hey, you're Dana!" :) I we said at least three sentences to each other, that constitutes a meeting.

(Remember? I'm the one that sweetly encourages her fiance to sign the petition? lol)
Your petition was halarious! It was one of the highlights of her talk! I can't wait to hear about the reaction when you use it.
That was way too much fun :)
Looks like you guys had too much fun! To think that the impression that most people have of knitters is that we're booooooring. We sure got em' fooled.
Hi!! Oh that sounds like everyone had a great time! I recognize your mystery sock knitter from here-

I don't know her name though!
I just popped over from the Harlot and I really like your idea about the name tags. Sing it loud, sing it strong.
Hey Dana! I would be the mystery sock knitter :) I can't wait to hear what your SO's reaction to the petition is :)
The other sock knitter is none other than elli of
Sorry to hear that your SO doesn't understand your hobby/obsession. Mine learned very quickly to be nice to the yarn and all that goes along with it.
Did you get the keep the camera? Curious knitters wanna know!

- the harlot linked to her - and she's the same sock knitter in the photo with you! I found her! And she has a cute blog too.
I noticed the person with control issues regarding the camera is called a "fiancee." If that status is ever to change to "husband, it's high time he learned to share toys and not be dismissive of your pleasures.

And how fabulous that the Harlot stsrted a petition for you!
Just found my way here from YH's post. Here's an idea - when you give you-know-who the petition also give him some research you've been doing on all the cameras out there. Something like "maybe it's not that big a deal, because honey look at this great camera I found to buy it's got a terrific macro setting and gyros and it connects with the computer with a wireless card I don't even need a cable. Price? That's not important now is it, dear, you can keep the camera and I'll just get this new one." My hubby would come around real quick like. Bwahahaha.
Someday I hope to go to one of YH's talks and have the same fun that you obviously did. Happy Knitting.
I'm with Marj...boring knitters?!? *snort*
Girl power, nothing! Knitting power rocks the universe! I was delighted to read YH's account on her blog and then come here and read yours.

Are you sure this man of yours deserves you?
Wow - now I can say I knew you when. Just remember your friends at the 'Bou when you're famous! I'm glad you all had so much fun - to bad I couldn't go.
I wandered over here from Steph's blog... how uber cool to have her start a petition for you! I'm blessed to have a DH that understands my need for stash and all that goes with it. The only time he was left scratching his head was when I was reading Steph's first book. "How can knitting be so funny?"
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