Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hello Reality!

Well, my birthday, I mean my vacation is now over and I'm back to work. Yippee!! I'll try to contain my excitement and keep my cartwheels to a minimum for your sake! How come you're always tired-er (it's a word) when you get back from vacation? Like you need a day off to recover from crossing over that point of vacation to non-vacation territory? Today will be a long day, to say the least, and I'm just eating my lunch.

I took 2 pictures while on vacation, because frankly, I was lazy and didn't feel like struggling to document my trip. I took 2 to prove that I was a.) knitting, b.) at the lake, and c.) consuming alcohol. All vacation attributes for sure.

These are those pesky Poma, Pota, Hippo socks that have been really giving me a workout. I've frogged them (ok, Amby did it) tinked back, used lifelines and now I'm finally (I hope) on the upward swing. Good thing, since I'm about to repeat the chart for the 3rd and final time. And no, you can't prove that simultaneous alcohol consumption had ANYTHING to do with my progress (or lack of). Anyway, I have idle knitting time to look forward to tonight, while darling daughter flips her little heart out at gymnastics. I hope to survive the chart stone cold sober.

So, anyway, happy birthday to ME, I'm deciding to be 29 again, give or take a decade, since I figure I'm old enough now to pick my age or repeat any that were somewhat memorable. 29 was a good/bad year. I discovered I was a Celiac after my daughter's first birthday. I almost died, I think. You decide. I'm 5'8" and I checked into the hospital at 88 pounds. I couldn't eat, sleep or hold my baby. It felt like near-death. It took them 8 days to determine I was a celiac. Those days felt like years, since every day I got weaker and couldn't see/hold my baby and I had a spouse that was "afraid" of hospitals. I had family and friends around me, luckily, and they are the only thing that kept me strong. On the 8th day they figured it out, changed my diet, weaned me off the steroids that they swore were going to "fix" me and released me on the 11th day. I went home, weak, sickly and scared to death to eat anything that may cause a relapse. I caught everything under the sun over the next several months, including pink eye (gotta love daycare sometimes), strep throat, sinus infections and the like. It took me months to get some weight on me, all the while trying to raise an active 1 year old, almost by myself. But I got better, I got stronger, and now I think I'm pretty healthy. And DD doesn't have it, she was tested at age 2, and will never go thru what I did, thank God. So that was a pretty monumental year for me, good and bad. And dammit, if I choose to repeat that age, I think I've earned it!

Anyway, back to work for me, hope you all had a great 4th!

We missed you last night, but hope you had fun celebrating. And I should dig out my toe-up hippo sock and we can attack the beast together...

May this coming decade be even better than the previous one.
Hippo Birthday!!

Nyuk's all in your head.
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