Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Women be shopping!

That's the saying anyway! Well, I went yarn shopping but ONLY because Rowan was 20% off. Gotta love KSH on sale! I've been holding out forever to make the camisole out of Weekend Knitting, plus the little wrap I got from Knitting on an Island (more practical than the cowl I think), and at 20% off, I'm on my way!!

Here's what I bought (not the full quantity of each though). Of course I already said what the KSH was for. The cotton glace is for a tank I'm making up, probably on the knitting machine, as well as the Calmer which I'll be combining somehow with another color of Calmer I have left from Marnie's tank.

The Rowan tweed is something I've been drooling over for some time, and this color was really pretty. I don't have a specific pattern for that yet, but I'm thinking of a simple knit tee. Any suggestions?

Here's my swatch of the KSH on size 10's. I did it on 11's first and it was way off. On 10's the row gauge is right but the stitch gauge is still off. I might try it on 9's and decide from there which is best.

I measured out the skein of llama that I spun and unfortunately it only comes out to about 205 yards. I really don't want to waste it on a scarf, but I'm really stumped if there's any other garment that I can turn it into with such low yardage. Maybe some wrist warmers, I had seen some cabled ones somewhere that I liked. The colors are so beautiful and I just don't think a scarf would do it justice. I'm open to any ideas on how best to use my first real handspun yarn!

I'm very excited about having everyone to my house tomorrow, I only hope the weather cooperates, as my tiny house may be bursting at the seams if we're all trapped inside. I just thought having all my friends over, knitting in the backyard was a great way to enjoy this beautiful weather we've been having. Oh yes, and there will be alcohol. What more could I ask for?

Definitely go for stitch guage rather than row guage with the KSH - you can always adjust how many rows you knit so the length is right.

Calmer is gorgeous stuff - I've just started the chemo cap from Knitty using the deep blue.

Hope you all have fun tomorrow night - I'll be half missing you, half enjoying being on stage and performing. :) But if it works and you repeat it, absolutely count me in.
I just checked out the yardage for the "Liesel" scarf it takes 210 but with a size 8 needle. Maybe with a seven/six? It's a pretty leafy pattern but then again I am leaf obsessed.
Nice yarn from your shopping trip, I am on the stash diet so I just have to be content with looking at what everyone else is buying.
I made these cabled wristwarmers and liked the pattern. I made them in the round with a buttonhole for the thumb, but they came out rly nice.

And i love llama!
Hi Dana, I happened to stumble on your blog and it actually helped me in doing research ... THANKS! ANyhow, I'm new to spinning myself and just got my own spinning wheel ... which I'm dying to try out but have yet to learn how exactly to use it (correctly anyways :D). I was wondering, since you're also located in MI, if you had any luck in finding any spinning classes? I'm located near the "Indigo Rose" shop. I actually am planning on spinning my own Siberian Husky's undercoat (which I use to brush and send out) and use that in my crocheting and knitting. Just wondering if you had any information you could pass on to a beginner.
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