Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Poor Jasmine. I give her crap publicly (on my blog) and then I fail to post immediately that I RECEIVED MY PACKAGE!! It was smugly waiting for me on my front porch Friday when I rolled into the neighborhood and I saw it immediately. My breath stopped for a sec and I could barely get thru checking my mail and then I ran to the front porch to scoop up my precious cargo. What a fabulous feeling, to know that someone did something especially for ME. Is this how my sock pal felt when her package arrived? Gosh, I really hope so! This was what I saw when I opened the box:

Holy-packed-with-goodies box! Not only did I get a pair of hand-made-especially-for-me socks, but I also got sock yarn for 2 more pair (one pair will be out of Koigu, I've been so coveting me some Koigu), some fabulous Virginia peanut brittle (of course I opened it immediately, I had to make sure that greedy mailman didn't find it) Jellie Bellies (still unopened, for the moment) and a pin from the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. And a note signed The Worst Sock Pal Ever. Not true. TWSPE would never have compensated for a little tardiness by including all the fab extras! Thank you Thank you Thank you. You made my day!

Oh yeah, and here are the socks.

And the verdict is: the foot is the perfect length, and I really like the detailed cuff. They are a smidge loose on my ankles, so they may be good house socks for quick on and off-ness. But I love the colors and as I said the foot is the perfect length, as if she had me trying them on thru the whole-foot-making-process. I'm a pretty light sleeper, so I think I would know if she were sneaking in during the night to have me try it on. So, I'm guessing she just stuck to my measurements and it worked out perfectly.

In other news, I'm {this close} to getting a spinning wheel. I've spun on several different wheels over the last month, and found a gently used Ashford Traditional that appears to have my name all over it. I'm going Thursday to take it for a spin, err I mean, test drive, I mean I'm gonna try it out. I have spun on a Traditional before, and liked it, so I don't think this one will feel much different. I'm very excited and if all goes well I'll be strapping that sucker into my car Thursday night and driving her home. It's about time too, cuz I've got some serious fiber stash building up, and I need to get spinning. I'm going to take my handpainted llama, to test it with, as I've spun that on my spindle, and on the Schacht I was trying out, and it's got a great feel to it, so the Traditional should show thru as I'm already familiar with the fiber. It's such a great deal, and she's throwing in a bunch of extras, and I already have 4 Ashford bobbins, so with the 6 or so she's giving me, I should be pretty well set for a while. It's too good to pass up, and if I do let it go, I'll never forgive myself. I can't wait till Thursday!! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Talk to you next time!

I was starting to worry about the US Post since I refused delivery confirmation, what if they got lost... I am glad you liked the treats.
What a lovely package! Congrats on the goodies!
What a cool goodie box! The socks are cool fun and funky.
You won the book! Come and see.
Awesome sock pal! I'm always so excited to get packages in the mail. I should sign up for more stuff like that. Thanks for the blog comment! Drop by anytime ;)
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