Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Is slacking contagious?

I should talk. It's been a while since I have checked in with my fellow knitters, and I too have been slacking I suppose. I read today that the Sockapaloooza (3 o's to represent the 3rd exchange) Exchange is at 90% completion. While this is a great success, I can't help but feel a slight twinge of disappointment that I happen to be in the 10% of people who have not received their socks. Out of 606 participants, approximately 60 or so people still have not gotten to experience the thrill of the package arriving in the mail, and wondering what goodies might have been carefully put together especially for them. I know I was very excited to put my package together and send off to Sydney, and I was even more excited to read her post about receiving the socks I had made, just for her. But enough already, when is it MY turn?? I'm whining and don't mean to, but hey if Grumperina can shame her sock pal into at least e-mailing her about where her socks are, I can post a little about my impatience, right? To her credit, my sock pal DID e-mail me to say she was running behind. But when I check her blog (ok, so I figured out who she is-what can I say? I'm determined) and see zero updates about socks, I can't help but feel sad. I was very worried about letting down my sock pal, cuz I have always been habitually tardy. But I set my mind to it, and finished, not on time, but a week early, and mailed them out exactly on the right day. Oh well, it's sandal season anyway. Hopefully I'll have 'em by fall.

I have been knitting some, but mostly I've been working on my spinning skills. I have gotten more consistent with my drafting and have finally gotten the Andean plying technique figured out. I even tried Navajo plying and will be trying that again soon, to see if it's better the second time around. I went to the Spring Fiber Day at Mt. Bruce Station in Romeo over the weekend. The weather was perfect for a drive out in the country, and the kids enjoyed checking out the animals. I was expecting more vendors but I did get some lovely glycerin soaps and purchased some handpainted llama, to try my hand at something other than "gray wool". I spun a small sample on the drop spindle and it handled very well, and plied nicely. I'll be spinning that up pretty soon, even if it is on the spindle and not a wheel. It's a bit fuzzy so I'm not sure that it will become socks as I originally thought, but I have a few ideas in mind for its destiny.

I've got my ears open for spinning wheels for sale, and have been checking e-bay regularly. My hopes are to find a used wheel, in good condition, somewhat locally, because on e-bay most sellers are out of the country. If anyone has any tips, send me a comment and I'll check it out.

I hope to have pictures soon of what I've been working on, I just need to get my butt in gear and set it all up to photograph.

Enjoy this sunny day!

Dana, I wonder if "Craigs list" might have some spinning stuff on it? Just a thought. By the way...slacking IS contagious and I am the typhoid Mary of slackdom! Marj
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