Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Who blinked?

It's raining today. So much for the milder temps. I guess I should just get used to the "April showers bring May flowers" thing and suck it up. Except that means I'll actually have to start cutting the grass again. So NOT my favorite thing to do. It IS considered an aerobic workout though, since I live on a corner lot, with a large back yard, side yard, front yard and ditches to maneuver for some added fun! Still not looking forward to it though. I should get married, then I won't have to deal with that anymore. Someday....but not today.

Here's a progress shot of my sock pal sock. I would have finished them last night but I'm using nylon thread at the heel and toe, and it's so fine it slowed me down a bit on the toe, so all that's left is to Kitchener the toe. That will be handled tonight.
The second pic is kinda blurry, but shows the color more accurately than the first. I really like this pattern, it's fun, easy to memorize and moves rather quickly. Can't wait to see if the second sock goes as quickly. I would consider making a pair for myself in this pattern. I'm using Dale of Norway Baby Ull, and haven't even gotten thru the first skein yet, so buying 3 skeins was a great move, as I'll have enough left over to make myself a pair. Maybe I'll try toe up and then I can just knit till I run out. I'd be happy with a shorter sock in this great color.

Also, my 10 year old daughter completed her FIRST sock last night, I'll have to get a picture of her modeling it tonight. I'm so proud of her!! She cast on for the second one on our ride to school this morning, so she'll be sailing along on that one!

Have a great day!!

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