Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Spring Fever!

Is it just me, or does anyone else get "Spring Fever"? I can feel myself getting really antsy, like I need to do a complete "top floor to bottom floor" cleaning, or simply rearrange closets or do some crazy thing like yard work! I sit at work, staring out the window, and the beautiful weather (yes, it's still pretty here in the 'hood) and think "Where's my lawn chair? Why am I NOT outside?" Oh yeah, forgot, s'posed to be WORKING! Check.

Got a little knitting done this weekend. This picture was from a few days ago. I only have about 3/4" left on the first sock now, then I decrease for the toe, and we all know, once it's that far, it's as good as done. I hope to cast on for the second sock before the weekend starts.

Want to send a little shout out to the nice folks at Ewe-Nique Knits (sure, they could be reading my blog...it could happen). I went there on Sunday with my daughter and the enabler Amby (thanks girlfriend) and bought some absolutely positively gorgeous 100% handpainted silk in an even gorgeous-er (yes, it's a word) colorway with my fave, purple all up in it!! But even better, Marilyn, one of the owners took time away from her sale to have a one-on-one mini demonstration with my daughter on how to spin. It was so exciting to watch, and I couldn't help but appreciate the time and effort Marilyn put into showing my daughter about fiber, drop spindles, and even the spinning wheel. She spoke TO my daughter (who is only 10) and not THRU me to her. She treated her with the respect that we as adults would like receive. She didn't dismiss her as merely a child, but was caught up by her enthusiasm to learn something new. We are all very excited about taking a drop spindle class, and we're working to put something together soon. So any locals that are interested, drop me a line, and we'll put your name in. Amby is working on the same task so letting either of us know will work. Marilyn spoke at great length about the task of spinning dog hair, and since I have a Sheltie, we have an immediate source to learn spinning with. She was knitting up a scarf from some neighbor's dogs, and it was really cool to see it and handle it. And it didn't smell like anything, at all, which made it more appealing yet. My daughter (we'll call her K) K is already brushing the dog day and night. He'll either be bald by the weekend, or his poor body will start growing it back furiously to make up for all the loss. We'll see how it goes. Anyway, thanks again Marilyn, you were absolutely awesome to talk to. We'll be seeing you for sure!

I've been having incredible luck with personal service these days, let me tell you. After purchasing that gorgeous silk in that gorgeous-er color (see, the more you say it, the more natural it sounds) I went searching for the perfect shawl pattern to compliment the colors of the silk. I first thought about Adamus from Knit Picks, as I had my sights on this pattern originally as my "first shawl pattern". But after careful scrutiny and some outside opinions I didn't think this pattern would quite showcase the gorgeous-ness (it's spreading) of this yarn. So, then I went and looked at Peacock shawl from the good folks at Fiddlesticks Knitting and immediately fell in love with it. It would show the color changes beautifully and be challenging at the same time. The only problem I found was that it calls for 1260 yards of yarn and the skein I bought is 1093 yards. But after exchanging e-mails with the designer (yes, the ACTUAL designer herself) I think I can make certain adjustments and make it work. Because the designer (Dorothy Siemens) took the time to help me out with this, I HAD to give it a shot. I mean, talk about personal service, she definitely deserves my business! Can't wait to get the pattern.

And, speaking of designers, Marnie Mclean e-mailed me yesterday, and the pattern I test knitted for her is now PUBLISHED! Go check it out! She sent me my official Published copy and I'll be making the second one for myself. The first one is going to a friend of mine.

It's been a busy couple of days, and the week isn't even close to over yet! Get out and enjoy the sunshine. It's Michigan after all, blink and it might change!

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