Thursday, April 13, 2006

Done, duh-duh duh done!!

At least the first one is finished! Hooray for the small victories in life!
If you click on the second one to make it larger, you'll see the glimmer of the nylon thread at the heel and again at the toe. Very cool!! It was kind of a pain to work with, but if it makes
'em last longer, it's worth it!
I can't say it enough, I love this color and this pattern was very fun! I can't wait to make mine!!

As promised, here is a picture of my daughter's FIRST SOCK!! Did I mention she is only 10? She's putting me to shame, but I'm loving it and I'm SO proud of her accomplishment. Lookout world, she's well on her way!!

I'm off tomorrow, so I'll get to enjoy a nice long weekend. Happy Easter and God Bless!

The blue socks look great. Your daughter's socks are nice too. No wonder you're so proud! Those things can be difficult to get the hang of. She must have natural talent.
You guys rock! :-)
What pattern is the blue sock? Like the color. Hope to see you Monday, seems like it's been eons.
Loving the blue--and I can't believe how great your daughter's first sock is--way better than my first sock at age 30!
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