Thursday, March 02, 2006

What a day for driving!

I love Michigan! It's such a great place to live. Are you convinced? Neither am I. A little freezing rain falls and people freak out like it's 10 feet of snow or something. It's only snow people!! And I'm betting today wasn't your first day in it!! So needless to say, I had a fabulous commute this morning. Can't wait to get out there and do it again later.

I am kinda excited to get outta here tonight though, cuz I'm hoping to go check out Munro Crafts in Berkley. The ladies at Haberman's in Royal Oak couldn't say enough about their selection and one lady even described their collection as "orgasmic". Holy cow, we ARE still talking about beads right? Well, since my recent attempts at beading, I'm bitten and am anxious to find nicer beads to work with than our local Joann's can offer.

I worked up a swatch last night to test out the yarn and my ability to change colors for the hat/scarf combo I'm going to make for the guy at my daughter's gym. Here's where I'm at:
This is the pattern I'm using, and by holding 2 strands together of the acrylic (he's young and on a budget) that he bought me, I am getting very close to the same gauge that's called for in the pattern. If you open up the pic so it's larger can you see the lines of black that are showing up on the white? Yeah, I can, and it's bugging me. So, I decided to employ a technique I have read about in many different places. Jogless knitting I think it's called. The idea is to knit (only) the first row of color change instead of following the ribbing pattern written in the pattern. The results are this:
I like this much better!

And this is how the wrong side looks:
I think at least for the hat this is a better way to go. The scarf done this way will have a more definitive right side and wrong side, and I might choose to do the scarf the standard way to minimize the funky pattern.

That's all for now-drive carefully everyone....It's Sleeting!! Oh, and just cuz you drive an SUV or something doesn't make you invincible, so slow down dummy! And quit tail-gating too! It gets on my nerves!

I'm so glad I was working from home today for that very reason! I wanted to go out, but may leave it til tomorrow.

I think you're right with wanting the scarf to be as reversible as possible... but the jogless method should work well for the hat. Nice work!
Jogless knitting...good save! I'm starting to wish I had a tank to drive to work every day, then I could just drive OVER the dummies.
Hmmm, sorry babe, but that MIGHT be illegal. Although, a great visual, thanks for the giggle!!
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