Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Lest ye think I've been slacking...

I just love chunky knitting! This is the hat for the coach at my daughter's gym, and it's just zooming right along. I'm hoping to have it complete enough for him to try it on tomorrow night, and then the scarf should be a snap, except for weaving in the ends. The only drawback to multi-color knitting. But, it's going fast enough that I think I can handle a little weaving to finish it.
These are the socks I was talking about in my last post.
Cute huh?
This is how the first one came out. I'm using some leftover sock yarn, so it's not as brightly colored as the above pic, but my Candie's are black so it won't show anyway, and if it peeks out a bit, it's color I planned it or sumthin!

Speaking of socks, here's my Lorna's socks. I got impatient with the idea of only doing 1 at a time, so I cast on for the second one at the dentist yesterday (my daughter got a sparkling report, as usual!) and did the cuff while they cleaned her teeth. I transferred it to the 2 circs when I got home last night and started in on the pattern repeats on both.
The colors seemed to be pretty fairly represented in the photos and in person are even brighter, which I love! It's been kinda gloomy lately, so this little boost
of color has been a welcome change.
It's been curling up a bit on me but I'm hoping once I get a little further along the weight will pull it straight.

Enjoy the sun while we have it. After all, it's Michigan and as they say "If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it will change on ya!"

Have a great day, Friday is only 2 days away!

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