Monday, March 13, 2006

Finishing something is soooo rewarding!

I love it when I'm able to put a big check mark next to that list in my head of works in progress! I don't even mind shoving the pen thru my brain to do it! It's such a great feeling to say, oh yes, I've finished another project. I was test knitting a top for Marnie Maclean and sent her the pics today, for her approval. Here is a sneak peak at what I made: The front: And here is a closeup of the back:
And a full size of the back: I still need to knit the straps, and now I have the proper placement marked as the intended recipient tried it on (at work, yep, my boss is gone AGAIN!).

I sent some pics off to the designer, gave her a couple of my comments, and there you go!

I also made 1 of these this weekend: Sandal socks. I have a pair of Candie's that I love love love, but they hurt - A LOT! And that just won't do, so with some leftover sock yarn I have attempted to remedy that. I will post pics of those in and out of the shoes when they are complete.

I also started my next pair of socks, out of that lovely Lornas in the pink/purples that I posted previously. Can't wait to see the pattern develop. I decided to copy Amby and make mine out of the same pattern she's using for her next pair. Eh, I wasn't feeling too creative and those looked like they'd go quickly but not be boring.

I managed to finally find some Tang, so I can now create the yummy Tang-tini/Science Experiment that Amby so kindly posted recently. I love going shopping and employing the help of the workers there. It's good to be a girl. "Excuse me sir, where might I find some Tang?" As he scurries off to look I'm able to continue shopping and then said gentleman comes back, out of breath, saying "Oh, it was buried on the bottom shelf , and there were other products in front of it." Now, can you picture me crawling around on the floor reaching toward the back of a shelf, trying to find something I've never bought before? NO? Me either. It's good to be a girl. And when I asked this same gentleman about some bacon that seems to be discontinued, he said he would check into it for me as I continued shopping. Several aisles later, he found me once again, and said "here, this is very similar to the discontinued item, would you like to try it?" It's good to be a girl. So, needless to say, I had a very productive shopping trip to the local Kroger yesterday, and all is well in the grocery world. It's good to be a girl. Now, if only they carried garment steamers. Or maybe that guy could go work at Joann's....there's an idea!

Happy Monday all!

Oh my goodness, you crack me up! Are you sure you don't have a little Southern Gal in you? I'm sure you were fluttering your eyelashes at him, weren't you?!?
The top looks wonderful, great job!!!!!
Me? Flutter? Well, I de-clare!!
Congrats on finishing the top - I bet Marnie is pleased too. It looks wonderful even without the straps. Yay for sock knitting too.
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