Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Super Secret Sock Pal

+ = Sock Pal Fun

Fluted Banister or Diagonal Fixation are the two patterns I'm considering, though I'm leading toward the Diagonal which, in the pattern, calls for Cascade Fixation. Since it's winter, I decided to go with a 100% Virgin Wool yarn and will use nylon thread to reinforce the heels and toes. I have to say thanks to the ladies at Wool & theFloss for letting me wander aimlessly, randomly picking their brains. They acknowledge that their sock selection is somewhat sparse, but it sounded like she was working on that.

That's all I have for today-have a great day everyone!!
Oops, almost forgot, check out my FO's site, MY socks are done!! Whoo hoo!!

The diagonal should look really nice - I love the shade of blue too. I'm sure your pal will be more than happy. And yay for finished socks! My jaywalker is progressing nicely too.
Pretty blue color! Your pal will love it.
Such a lovely shade of blue. I'd like a whole kitchen full of dishes in that color!
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