Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Olympic Update

It seems I might actually make this deadline! My goal is to have them finished by Saturday so I can felt them and actually have dry finished gloves to wear on Sunday during the closing ceremonies.

And for those of you checking in, thinking I must be some lame kinda knitter, let me just tell you. I am NOT following a pattern, I'm winging it. I do have a pattern that I consult, but since the yarn/gauge are completely different (I'm using Touch Me on size 2 Addi's) the stitches don't line up at all. I'm doing it all by eyeballing it, and the cuff is adapted from the picot cast on from Miss Dashwood that I knit for my niece way back when. So there!

I'm very excited to complete this project for 2 reasons. 1. It's cold out and these will be toasty warm, especially when felted. 2. I have other projects that have completely stalled so that I can meet our deadline.

I'm thinking about cutting up an old pair of leather gloves that happen to be purple, and sewing the palm to the palm, for a grippy pair of gloves. The leather gloves are short (to the wrist) and I like longer ones, and they feel about 2 sizes too small. I've worn them regularly and have owned them for almost 10 years I think, so I feel this would be a great way to turn them into something useful instead of leaving them in the closet as the "in case of emergency" gloves, since they don't fit very well. If anyone else has experience with this, feel free to leave me a comment, as I'll be winging this portion of the project as well and could use any tips you may have. I won't consider my project incomplete if I have not completed this part of the process, my goal was to have finished, wearable gloves, and they will be wearable with or without the leather palms.

Hope everyone else is having success with their projects, and I look forward to seeing my friends meet their goals!!

Take care!

Woo-hoo! You're definitely on track for the gold medal. Very very impressive, and I can't imagine how yummy and soft they must be. Looking forward to seeing you - and gloves - tonight.
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