Friday, February 17, 2006

Houston-we have PINKY!!

I can't believe these are actually starting to look like real gloves. Having the first finger completed really makes me excited to keep going...darn job and the need to sleep! The pinky is a little bit tight, so I'll have to stuff it well before I felt it, so it won't shrink any more, but I'm making some adjustments for the next fingers so they should fit just fine. The pinky is about 1/4" longer than the end of my finger to allow for some shrinkage. I'm so excited, they're coming along very nicely with out any major holdups. I've had to make sure I have enough stitches left for the last 2 fingers, and with some selective increasing there should be enough. Now as long as my notes don't fail me, the second one should zip by pretty quickly. I was at a bit of a standstill the other day, and was in a quandary. I couldn't decide to leave the pinky as it was or rip back and start over. I had accidently knitted on the wrong side, so there was a row of purl stitches on the right side of the glove. I was pretty sure it wouldn't show after the felting process, but it was staring back at me looking rather ugly. It bothered me too much so I ripped it back and am very pleased with how it came out.

I thought this was kinda cute to mention. My daughter takes gymnastics and there is a very nice young man who works there who is always commenting on my knitting and admiring my work. It seems his grandmother taught him to crochet some time ago, so he is very interested to see the different projects I make with knitting. A few weeks ago he was checking out some hats I had made and was kind of hinting that he would love for me to make him a hat. I said "I'll make you a deal, you bring me the yarn, I'll make you a hat". Seems fair enough...I mean how often do we have non-knitting cheerleaders patting us on the back for the projects we complete? Here is a completely unsolicited spokesperson for my work, should I choose to capitalize on it sometime in the future. Plus, he's such a sweet kid, that I just couldn't help myself. So, last night he sees me and lights up (I swear, you'd think I pay him to like me or something) and says "I'll be right back". He comes running back with a bag with two skeins of yarn, one black and one cream colored. "I remembered your yarn" he says, all breathless from running. I was beaming, because how cool is this, that someone is THAT excited to have something made for them?! I saw the yarn and said "How do you feel about stripes? I have the perfect pattern for a striped hat, and it has a matching scarf with fringe." I thought he was going to leap over the counter and hug me! I told him that as soon as the Olympics were over, I would happily start his project. I even went home and pulled the pattern out and put it with his yarn, so I'll be all set. It was very sweet, his reaction to seeing me knit every week, so I wanted to share that with you.

I played hookey yesterday afternoon and went bowling with my daughter and her class. What a blast!! I got to bowl and at one point they turned on the Cosmic Lights, and cranked up the music, and I just looked around at all the happy people and thought "sheesh, I almost passed this up to stay at work". I'm SO glad I went, my daughter and I had a great time and I met a few great people as well!

I'm not sure what I'm up to this weekend, but you can be sure I'll be knitting up some more fingers.

Stay warm, and have a great weekend!!

Yay for fingers! The glove's looking great - and ripping back and aiming for perfection is all part of the Olympic spirit, right?

Have a great weekend.
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